electrostatic printer

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electrostatic printer

[i′lek·trə‚stad·ik ′print·ər]
(graphic arts)
A line printer in which high-intensity lamps project images of characters onto a sensitized drum to form electrostatic patterns that attract ink powder; the images are then transferred to paper and fused.
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electrostatic plotter

A plotter that uses an electrostatic method of printing. Liquid toner models use a positively charged toner that is attracted to paper which is negatively charged by passing by a line of electrodes (tiny wires or nibs). Models print in black and white or color, and some handle paper up to six feet wide. Newer electrostatic plotters are really large-format laser printers and focus light onto a charged drum using lasers or LEDs. See electrostatic.

Electrostatic Plotter
This early plotter from CalComp used a dry toner process like a laser printer. LEDs beamed light onto a charged plate and produced monochrome drawings at 400 dpi. (Image courtesy of CalComp, Inc.)
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