electrostatic speaker

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electrostatic speaker

An electrostatic loudspeaker uses a thin plastic diaphragm residing between two perforated metal sheets (the grids or stator plates). The audio signal is applied to the grids out of phase. While one grid causes the diaphragm to push, the other causes it to pull, thus moving air and creating sound. Due to the short traveling distance of the diaphragm compared to the voice coil of the common dynamic speaker, electrostatic speakers have considerably less distortion. They are also very thin, but their bass response is not as great. Units with electrostatic midrange and high-frequency drivers combined with dynamic bass drivers are widely used. Contrast with dynamic speaker. See electrostatic.

A Thin Plastic Diaphragm
Many aficionados love the electrostatic speaker's unique diaphragm design; however, the bass frequencies do not match the intense booming of a good subwoofer.

Combo Electrostatic and Dynamic
To get the best of both worlds, this MartinLogan speaker combines an electrostatic speaker for midrange and high frequencies with a conventional dynamic coil driver for bass frequencies. (Image courtesy of MartinLogan, Ltd., www.martinlogan.com)

Electrostatic and Dynamic Speakers
There is a huge difference between electrostatic speakers and the more common dynamic "cone" speaker. For more information, see dynamic speaker.
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Of course, there are negatives to using an electrostatic design; the most significant is that electrostatic speakers must be much larger than their dynamic counterparts to move the same amount of air.
The opportunity to audition a pair of electrostatic speakers in my listening room presented itself.
"We went back to the drawing board on styling and performance," tells Carl Masters, Mechanical Designer at MartinLogan, "and designed these speakers to be as visually unobtrusive as possible while maintaining stunning sound, voice-matched to our electrostatic speakers."
Quad electrostatic speakers: These look like radiators but are actually vintage speakers.
Electrostatic speakers in these cavities enable sound to be delivered effectively into both the living and family rooms.

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