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The use of electricity to perform surgical procedures, as the use of electricity to simultaneously cut tissue and arrest bleeding.



surgery involving the application of a high-frequency current (hundreds of thousands of oscillations per second) to tissues, with a sharp elevation of temperature at the point of contact between the active electrode and the tissues.

A distinction is made between electrotomy, the separation and excision of tissues, and electrocoagulation, the cauterization (coagulation of proteins) of tissues. Incision of tissues with an electric knife does not cause bleeding because the blood coagulates along the incision. Electrosurgical methods are used in operations on the brain (the bloodless operative field permits visual control of the operation) and eyes. They are also used to remove skin tumors and in dentistry.

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In 2014, North America holds the largest share of the electrosurgical devices market followed by Europe.
While most of the company's 10 machines are 50-ton Dipronic control horizontal models, there is a 24-ton vertical configuration used for insert molding of products such as the end-pieces of electrosurgical cords.
These products reflect the company's continued expansion into the electrosurgical industry.
The GAO decision states, "In short, in its written materials and in testimony presented at the hearing, the VA has not shown that VHSS's proposed USMI electrosurgical unit was significantly different from the brand name ERBE unit.
Bipolar electrosurgical scissors were introduced to the United States market in the spring of 1997.
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Prior Information Notice: electrosurgical equipment smoke evacuators related products and accessories .
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