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The security features on the front of the note represent in intaglio portrait of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, twin step window, a holographic element (CBO's main entrance), a tactile feature for the blind, colour -shift, perfect see through register, electrotype water mark, micro lettering and twin step window.
portrait of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, twin step window, holographic element (Main Entrance of the Central Bank of Oman), tactile feature for the blind, colour-shift/colour fix magnetic windowed security thread, micro lettering, three dimensional mould-made watermark portrait, perfect see through register, electrotype water mark and spark OVMI feature.
Their individual, complex histories are traced through a wealth of documentation: prints and illustrations in 18th-century books, a complete series of wax and electrotype impressions, and inventories and catalogues--especially that of Professor Nevil Story-Maskelyne (1823-1911).
See Donahue v Rodd Electrotype Co of New England, Inc, 367 Mass 578, 328 NE2d 505 (1975).
If Rodd Electrotype had been founded in the LLC era, then absent a contrary agreement among the founding "members," Mrs.
By this period, the more modern electrotype process was largely used for books (at least in the United States), with stereotype used more frequently for newspapers.
Rodd Electrotype Co., 328 N.E.2d 505, 515-16 (Mass.
Plates could actually be produced by the stereotype or the "electrotype" method, which produced nearly identical results through different methods.
The Government Printing Office is required, by law, to sell the stereotype or electrotype plates from which a Government publication has been printed, at a small percentage above cost.
On the right side of the portrait are an Ashoka Pillar emblem and electrotype (100) watermarks.
The other principal new security features are the same portrait of Europa In the watermark that also Incorporates the number '50' In electrotype (bright watermark features due to a reduced substrate thickness), alongside SICPA's SPARK[R] feature in which the emerald number '50' has the appearance of light moving up and down when the note Is tilted and colour changing from emerald green to deep blue.