elementary school

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elementary school:

see schoolschool,
term commonly referring to institutions of pre-college formal education. It also properly includes colleges, universities, and many types of special training establishments (see adult education; colleges and universities; community college; vocational education).
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elementary school, grade school

An educational institution which offers instruction usually from the first year through the sixth or eighth year of schooling.

elementary school

1. Brit a former name for primary school
2. US and Canadian a state school in which instruction is given for the first six to eight years of a child's education
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Leslie Childs, Fisher Elementary School, San Antonio, Texas
Another consultant, working with elementary school counselors, was successful with three out of five outcome variables using the following strategies: observing counselors in the classroom conducting psychological education, followed by making suggestions and/or modeling.
Settlers Way Elementary School, 3015 Settlers Way, Sugar Land
Aside from these 31 schools, the Department of Education has also authorized Balara Elementary School to suspend classes.
The district now has two elementary schools, one middle school and 1,955 students.
The school boards of the district, Grant High School District, North Sacramento Elementary School District, and Del Paso Height Elementary School District recently passed a resolution to join into a single unified school district.
Construction of the elementary school could start in December, Phelps said.
Ferrandino, National Association of Elementary School Principals, 2007
Darlene Thompson, a second-grade teacher at Ranchito Avenue Elementary School in Panorama City, allows time for morning exercise and physical education in the afternoon.

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