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common name for some members of the Dioscoreaceae, a family of tropical and subtropical climbing herbs or shrubs with starchy rhizomes often cultivated for food. The largest genus, Dioscorea, is commercially important in East Asia and in tropical America.
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com to read "Reducing Elephant's Foot Erosion in Careless Induction Furnaces," D.
One favourite southern African, even if it does look like something from the Jurassic Age, is elephant's foot (Dioscorea elephantipes).
Too low a tyre pressure and the tyre will shape like an elephant's foot, bulging at the side, compressing the tread in the middle.
I like that poignant story about a man who took a pin out of an elephant's foot and 15 years later an elephant saw him and crushed him to death.
ENDANGERED SPECIES: An elephant's foot, a stuffed mongoose killing a snake, a baby elephant's tusk, a cheetah skin and an alligator skin handbag are just some outlawed items smuggled in; OUTLAWED: Tracey Fletcher, West Midlands organiser for the WWF, shows a marine turtle typical of the type smuggled illegally into the country and (left) traditional Chinese medicines containing tiger bone, rhino horn and bear bile
Most interesting is Beaucarnea recurvata which T&M refer to as the Pony Tail palm although I brought one back from Madeira - for those who remember The Birmingham Post Gardeners' Holidays many years ago - where it is known as the Elephant's Foot palm.
The only thing I can remember is seeing the sole of the elephant's foot come down on my leg.
She was thrown to the ground and the elephant's foot came down on her leg.
A total of 65 different species were found stuffed including a newborn tiger cub, an adult tiger, a wol a huge Green turtle, a griffon vulture and an elephant's foot.
A tiger cub, wolf, green turtle, griffon vulture and an elephant's foot were among the 65 species seized at the shop.