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see yamyam,
common name for some members of the Dioscoreaceae, a family of tropical and subtropical climbing herbs or shrubs with starchy rhizomes often cultivated for food. The largest genus, Dioscorea, is commercially important in East Asia and in tropical America.
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So, using Robert Williams' analogy, that would be like comparing 10,000 small cats' paws with one elephant's foot.
I used to keep my hockey stick in an elephant's foot, a present my grandfather brought back toWales after 30 years as a missionary in India.
CUTLINE: The hollowed-out elephant's foot was found Thursday evening in the CitySquare parking garage.
Among the rugs from Turkey and Syria, the carved animals, spears and masks from Africa, two things stick in my head that I may never get over: an ottoman fashioned from an elephant's foot and a hanging lamp made from a camel's bladder.
The lining wear profile, which resembled an elephant's foot, suggested that whatever causes the wear is selective to the lower part of the furnace.
The only thing I can remember is clearly seeing the sole of the elephant's foot, which must have come down on my leg.
The elephant's foot was literally a foot away from his head - we thought he was going to get stamped on.
Summers added, "In our experience, the most common failure mode of the tank is the buckling of the bottom part of the tank shell in the shape of an elephant's foot.
Wants: magnolia varieties, Epiphyllum, hylocereus, Selenicereus, beaver tail cacti, Agave parryi (mescal agave), aloe plicatilis (fan aloe), Joshua tree, Sedum frutescens (tree sedum), donkey's tail, stapelias, bamboo, elephant's foot brochystelma, Trichocereus, any other exotic succulents or cacti, bougainvillea, hibiscus, mantis egg castings
The bottom of a rhino's foot is softer than an elephant's foot, and in grassy country or on hard ground they leave only a slight imprint.
Certain death drew near as the ponderous power of the elephant's foot came down upon the poor man's already inert body.