elevated floor

raised floor

raised floor: cutaway detail of a plate adjacent to the wall
raised floor showing floor plates on pedestals
A floor fabricated entirely of square plates that rest on interlocked pedestals attached to the structural floor of a building. The plates usually are fabricated of aluminum and are covered with cork, carpet, or vinyl tiles. The plates can be removed to provide convenient access to the cables beneath; used extensively in computer rooms.
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Ryan Singson assumed office in 2013, about P100 million was spent on the building's elevated floor, Vicente said.
Among the house's other features include reduced heat gain due to space between roof and ceiling inclined roof for easier rain water drainage and collection cross ventilation through properly positioned windowand door and elevated floor to prevent floodwater from entering.
The facility includes a safe room tested to withstand wind gusts of 250 mph and includes an elevated floor base to keep the facility well above storm surge flooding.
Specifically, because the plaintiffs' home was post-FIRM and situated below the base flood-zone elevation, their SFIP did not cover all building and personal property losses "below the lowest elevated floor." Following administrative review, FEMA upheld Nationwide's coverage determination.
It also features an interactive fountain with outdoor seating areas, a footpath, cycling track, sightseeing wings, and a three-metre elevated floor.
The design for the 250sqm space for the UAE Pavilion, which will be within the ancient, centuries old walls of Venice's Arsenale, will include an elevated floor and vertical modules and special hanging systems, all of which will be installed in the coming days.
| A man is seen perched at the window on an elevated floor moments before being overcome by fumes and falling out of a window
The long bonnet, hatchback rear and elevated floor is a brain teaser because it looks so different to rivals such as the Volkswagen Tiguan, Nissan Qashqai and LandRover's Freelander 2.
The sold-out exhibit hall included the popular RehabZone and the Damage Prevention & Safely Zone, a new area with an elevated floor constructed over "live" utilities to allow demonstrations and instruction on the use of utility locating equipment.
Even now, the facility's only elevated floor remains closed, with Holmes offering no scheduled date for its opening.
In his classic tome, The Moon, Thomas Gwyn Elger compares Wargentin to a "shallow oval dish turned upside down." The material filling the crater's floor rises entirely to the crests and perhaps even overflows the western and northern rims, but the southern rim (especially near Nasmyth) rises a few hundred meters above the elevated floor. This filling is widely considered to be lava, although a feeble argument has been made that it is ejecta from the nearby Orientale basin impact --an argument that conspicuously fails to account for the fact that other nearby craters aren't filled.