elevated water tank

gravity water tank, gravity tank

gravity water tanks
A water storage tank in which water is stored at atmospheric pressure and distributed by gravity flow in a downfeed system; the tank is usually elevated above the roof of a building and is filled by a house pump.
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1- 200,000 gal elevated water tank 200m gal elevated water tank (120~ height) demolition of existing tank.
5 kilometers, with terminal building equipped with the standard 5,000-gallon capacity elevated water tank.
Some space has been left for playgrounds, a commercial centre, an elevated water tank, a septic tank and internal roads.
The one-million-gallon elevated water tank resembling a peach will also be considered for the Tank of the Year crown and appear with other top finalists in Tnemec's annual water tank calendar.
Solar-powered pumps will be provided to pump water from the ground reservoir to an elevated water tank in the town.
Another important part of the plan will be a new elevated water tank for Woodslee Road near Lee Avenue, estimated to be built in 2015
The major difference in fixed cost of both systems is primarily due to construction cost of elevated water tank in case of community WSS.
The facility after rehabilitation by JICA includes a one-storey building including lecture hall, administration office, washrooms, garage, water supply system for irrigation, water supply system for drinking with elevated water tank, boundary wall to prevent wild animals.
If an elevated water tank is already on your horizon, you should plan ahead through the lease for the additional revenue or benefits of cellular antennas on that structure.
A design consultant was hired to come up with a landmark structure that was also an elevated water tank.
Tenders are invited for Repairs And Renovation Of Wbm Road From Main Road To Elevated Water Tank (Bldg.