elevator shaft

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A passage through which an object may be raised; for example, an elevator shaft.
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Michael Alfonso, a 37-year-old architect, died after falling three floors down because he had mistakenly thought that the door of an elevator shaft was a restroom door, according to a report by Radyo Inquirer.
While the regulations cover stairwells and balconies, they do not include the inspection of elevator shafts for safety measures.
The conditions that have the greatest potential for containing the smoke generated by the fire occurs when the elevator doors on the fire floor are open a modest amount, the fire occurs during cold winter conditions, exhaust fans are installed in the top of the elevator shaft, and the size of the elevator vent is several times greater than required by code.
He added that while EAC employees were busy replacing the transformer on Thursday, and while the hospital generators were in operation a number of power cuts occurred and smoke was seen coming from the elevator shaft.
BEIRUT: A man died Friday after falling down an elevator shaft in the Greater Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, security sources said.
Maintenance is also complicated and expensive because rerouting or replacing cable requires shutting down the entire system and in some cases climbing into the elevator shaft. The lobby call buttons and those on each floor must also be connected to this controller, which in turn, communicates back to the elevator car.
This enhances capacity; by eliminating elevator shafts, it also saves on building volume.
The two towers, designed by architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox, will sport glass fins, illuminated glass elevator shaft, and glass exterior that will appear to change color when viewed from different angles.
For example, when Housing Authority officers found a blind woman at the bottom of an elevator shaft, they originally believed that the woman was murdered.
Two students had fallen down an elevator shaft. One was dead, the other seriously injured.
inside the elevator shaft of the mall along La Purisima Street.