elevator shaft

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A passage through which an object may be raised; for example, an elevator shaft.
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Pressurizing interior stairwells that have no surface exposure to the exterior of the building has a significant effect on the properties and flow of the gases in the stairwells, but it also affects the floor and elevator shaft pressures, although to a somewhat lesser degree.
BEIRUT: A man died Friday after falling down an elevator shaft in the Greater Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, security sources said.
Some tunes are so mellow they could happily slide up a hotel elevator shaft, chiefly due to the dreaded muzak synth sounds of Steve Lodder, just when we thought he'd wisely started to concentrate on the acoustic piano.
These include the racism of his mother as well as whites, the guilt of his role in the accidental blinding of his brother, the broken back he suffered from failing down a hotel elevator shaft, and the seven-and-a-half years that he served in prison, especially the tragic fire and riot in which more than 300 prisoners were killed.
Stationed 50 feet underground, with my only escape a narrow elevator shaft, I could, at best, expect to be buried alive minutes after any war I started began.
It's tough to watch your assets go down an elevator shaft every night at five o'clock.
For example, when Housing Authority officers found a blind woman at the bottom of an elevator shaft, they originally believed that the woman was murdered.
Attention turned to the movies as a motive, indicating that the students were mimicking Bruce Willis and his outrageous elevator shaft feats in the film Die Hard.
One worker was killed when he fell down an elevator shaft at the construction of a trade center in the northern province of Antalya on Tuesday.
Table 2 shows that the NMSE is 5% for the elevator shaft mass flow rate values and 6% for the mass flow rates from the elevator to the floor when the COSMO-predicted temperatures are used in CONTAM.
Snow pointed out a box of cassette tapes left behind by a tenant, and there was a political sticker on a wall of an elevator shaft that is still standing and a large water or heating tank in the cellar hole shaft.
Summary: SHARJAH -- In a freak accident, a 24-year-old Indian worker fell to his death after he allegedly fell down the elevator shaft of a building under construction in Sharjah on Tuesday morning.