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A process of deriving from a system of equations a new system with fewer variables, but with precisely the same solutions.



the death of nonadapted individuals in the course of the struggle for life. Elimination may be nonselective (general) or selective.

Nonselective elimination occurs as a result of environmental factors that exceed the adaptive capabilities of a given group of individuals (that is, a particular population or species). Among such factors, the most common are natural disasters and the catastrophic effects of human intervention, such as floods, droughts, and changes in the landscape (for example, as a result of urbanization). Large-scale elimination may lead to the extinction of an entire species.

Selective elimination, or the death of part of a population, is caused by some individuals’ lower relative capacity for adaptation (as in the case of the spontaneous thinning out of a forest). Selective elimination is a major factor in evolution, since differential rates of survival result in the multiplication of the better-adapted individuals—that is, natural selection.


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Unlike other designs, the tethers are woven at the same time as the airbag to eliminate potential leakage or tear paths.
He should make clear that we are prepared to eliminate our nuclear weapons if the Security Council develops an effective regime to guarantee total conformity with a universal commitment to eliminate all nuclear arms and reaffirm the existing conventions covering chemical and biological weapons.
Stop quoting non-compatible work and look to poor job profitability and other indicators of non-compatibility for direction on what else to eliminate.
As a result, pressure is on restaurants and food manufacturers to use oils that eliminate trans fatty acids.
What these data mean to a mill that is experiencing calcium oxalate scale formation is that simply by lowering the pH of the bleaching stage, mills may be able to either eliminate or substantially reduce scale formation.
The key purpose of totalization agreements is to eliminate double social security taxation, often levied on a U.
These organs and body systems are designed to process toxins into less harmful substances and eliminate.
New Jersey Governor James McGreevey, a known arts supporter, chose to eliminate state support for arts and culture to help reduce a $5 billion budget shortfall.
In a first round of votes Monday, the board members voted unanimously to eliminate the 14 positions, said district spokesman Isaac Barcelona.
Alternatively, the IRS should eliminate the requirement for providing separate company financials or permit relief when the taxpayer has shown reasonable effort in attempting to gather the information.
These circuits eliminate more than a dozen external components, reduce EMI, and lead to lower system costs by increasing design margins.
The article claims that Microsoft--with the support of the recording industry as well as rival RealNetworks--is attempting to eliminate or severely restrict the use of MP3 technology in its new OS, Windows XP, expected later this year.