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A process of deriving from a system of equations a new system with fewer variables, but with precisely the same solutions.



the death of nonadapted individuals in the course of the struggle for life. Elimination may be nonselective (general) or selective.

Nonselective elimination occurs as a result of environmental factors that exceed the adaptive capabilities of a given group of individuals (that is, a particular population or species). Among such factors, the most common are natural disasters and the catastrophic effects of human intervention, such as floods, droughts, and changes in the landscape (for example, as a result of urbanization). Large-scale elimination may lead to the extinction of an entire species.

Selective elimination, or the death of part of a population, is caused by some individuals’ lower relative capacity for adaptation (as in the case of the spontaneous thinning out of a forest). Selective elimination is a major factor in evolution, since differential rates of survival result in the multiplication of the better-adapted individuals—that is, natural selection.


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For current workers, the agreements eliminate dual social security contributions.
He said the AMA policy has only persuasive power with hospital administrators, who would be the ones to make the decision and take the steps to eliminate mercury-containing devices.
If your goal is to have your players develop strength throughout the entire range of motion of any exercise, require them to eliminate any bouncing or cheating motions at the transition point.
650 would eliminate federal regulatory review for routine bank acquisitions and branch openings by well-capitalized and well-managed banking organizations that are helping to meet the credit needs of their communities.
Kasich's plan would also begin to eliminate the Departments of Commerce and Energy, dissolve the Interior Department's National Biological Service, and phase out Amtrak subsidies.
So for the benefit of all my readers, I decided to completely eliminate all cookies, candies, and other sugary treats from the menu.
The redesign to a nickel aluminum bronze casting provides a near-net-shape component and eliminates the need for secondary dichromating and painting.
Eliminate individual filings for each controlled foreign corporation (CFC) and simply include a schedule of CFCs containing key information, including the balance in the E&P and tax pools.
For years, facilities and their residents have suffered because there seemed to be no way to eliminate odors caused by incontinence.
Fountain, MAI, SRA, applauded the Clinton Administration's initiative in trying to eliminate those arduous regulatory hurdles that create unnecessary paperwork, add costs, and hinder credit to small businesses.