e-mail service

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e-mail service

Typically refers to a Web-based e-mail provider such as Google and Yahoo. For a directory of e-mail sites, visit www.emailaddresses.com. Some of the major sites follow. See e-mail interfaces.


    www.juno.com  (Web and non-Web)



    www.outlook.com  (formerly Hotmail)



    www.bigfoot.net  (forwarding)
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The new email service of the Islamic Republic has been dubbed as "Chmail", which has been developed by Iran's own "Chaapaar" company.
The Tucows Email Service now offers providers the option of using the spam and virus filtering portion of the service in conjunction with their current email infrastructure.
DeliverE is a comprehensive results-oriented email service offering one of the industry's largest and most in-depth email lists.
But to understand why, it's useful to look at how Internet email works and why that poses a problem for Email Service Providers (ESPs, which include ISPs) and others who would like to make email something other than a commodity.
com's recallable, erasable, and self-destructing email and video email service has been launched by BigString Corporation (OTCBB: BSGC).
SEVEN, the global market leader in push email software, today announced that it will provide push email service as part of Sprint's joint venture with Comcast Corporation, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable and Advance Newhouse.
The new push email service is simple to use and works on any GRPS-enabled handset.
CHICAGO -- Alterian (LSE:ALN), the leading global provider of Analytics Led Integrated Marketing software, has been selected by JupiterResearch as a "Highly Valuable and Suitable Leader" in the Large-Enterprise-Oriented Email Service Provider (ESP) category, according to the industry analyst firm's E-mail Marketing Buyer's Guide, 2006.
ATLANTA -- A new survey conducted by email service provider Silverpop found that when it comes to gathering email addresses for marketing campaigns, tactics that work well on one side of the Atlantic don't necessarily succeed on the other side.