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see diplomatic servicediplomatic service,
organized body of agents maintained by governments to communicate with one another. Origins

Until the 15th cent. any formal communication or negotiation among nations was conducted either by means of ambassadors specially appointed for a
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; extraterritorialityextraterritoriality
or exterritoriality,
privilege of immunity from local law enforcement enjoyed by certain aliens. Although physically present upon the territory of a foreign nation, those aliens possessing extraterritoriality are considered by customary
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a body of diplomatic representatives headed by an ambassador or other diplomatic representative of the first rank. In international relations, extraordinary embassies are sent from one country to another to participate in ceremonies, funerals of heads of state, and other major events. In contemporary international practice, extraordinary embassies are usually called special government delegations.


1. the residence or place of official business of an ambassador
2. an ambassador and his entourage collectively
3. the position, business, or mission of an ambassador
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We will review the situation and then only will I be able to confirm anything," said a political counsellor attached with the South Korean embassy.
The sources said Japan embassy had given a threatened call by unknown people to blow up the embassy first time on May 28 2011 while second time the embassy got the same threatened call on 1st Junes.
The 2012 judges are Tim Carman , Food Reporter, The Washington Post; Chef Lars Beese , Chef at Embassy of Denmark and Winner of Embassy Chef Challenge 2011; Chef Carla Hall , Co-host The Chew, Top Chef All-Stars Finalist; Warren Brown , Founder, CakeLove; Chef Xavier Deshayes , Executive Chef, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center; Chef Sina Molavi , Executive Chef, Occasions Caterers; Chef Maziar Farivar , Executive Chef and Co-owner, Peacock Cafe; and Missy Frederick, Columnist, "Top Shelf" Washington Business Journal.
Another American citizen, Suzy Ayzoukian, 35, who moved eight years ago from Woodland Hills to Rabieh, Lebanon, was among those at the embassy, pleading to be evacuated to safety.
The threat relates to the embassy, not to private American citizens or private American interests here in Malaysia,'' she said, but declined to comment on the details of the threat or whether it came from the alleged Southeast Asian terrorist network Jemaah Islamiyah.
The contracts contained no representation or warranty as to the view from the apartments or the height of the Embassy building.
How putting guards on affluent Kalorama Road would help our embassy in Karachi wasn't instantly apparent, but Dole seemed to think it would.
Hammons Hotels & Resorts' properties recognized at the annual conference from among Embassy Suites' 210 hotels include:
So in 1992, the Finnish government decided to build a new bespoke embassy.
WHEN A FRIEND of mine heard about the series ``The American Embassy,'' he was staggered - anyone who's had to deal with the unhelpful consuls at one of these foreign outposts, particularly the one in London, he declared, would scoff at the idea of making its employees the heroes of a TV series.