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battlement, embattlement

1. A fortified parapet with alternate solid parts and openings, termed respectively “merlons” and “embrasures” or “crenels” (hence crenelation). Generally for defense, but employed also as a decorative motif.
2. A roof or platform serving as battle post.
3. A decorative motif having the general shape of a battlement.
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Our profession's tropes of embattlement are also slipping.
Or why is there this feeling of embattlement, of hostility between the law and the press?
Drawing on diverse popular media, this book presents two crucial narratives of twentieth-century Egyptian culture: the emergence since the turn of the century of a modernist ideology idealizing the creation of the middle class, and the foundering and embattlement of this modernism since the l970s.
More precisely, Rachel Blau DuPlessis and Ann Snitow seek to capture a particular perspective on that movement; as Rosalyn Fraad Baxandall puts it: "I still feel furious that the moderates stole our ideas and slogans and then wrote articles and books that ignored our contributions." Her sense of embattlement, o/f fighting against a rising tide of mainstream opinion that threatens to engulf the beleaguered vanguard, runs through the collection.
This sense of embattlement with a Labour Party challenging for Christian credentials is also to be found in Downing Street itself.
Thus there was always a sense of embattlement in the Thatcherite administration as she described more and more institutions, left and right--unions, nationalized industries, the Labour Party, local councils, the Church of England, universities, the BBC, "wets" in her own party, Europeanists--as opposed to her agenda.
The untimely embattlement of an organization like the United Way of America, Alexandria, Virginia, coupled with reduced contributions to charities by the public, have created crisis situations in many communities.
I reject the metaphor of embattlement and worry about the role it played in the e-mail discussion.
That uppitiness derived from a mix of defensiveness against perceived embattlement, single-mindedness, and impatience with the impediments "needlessly" imposed by bureaucrats (and journal editors).
The Fishery was one of a number of patriotic initiatives launched in the later 1740s and early 1750s.(73) Their establishment, and the level of support they attracted, can only fully be understood in the context of the mood of embattlement, and the sense of cultural and political anxiety, that characterized the later 1740s and the early 1750s.
When one visited their emplacements, the mood was one of boredom, not embattlement. Soldiers talked about shooting down any NATO or American plane that dared to attack them and occasionally showed off their shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles for the cameras, but from their tone it was clear that they believed no such attacks would be forthcoming.
But before long Valentin and Caminero's embattlement and isolation were plain to see.