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battlement, embattlement

1. A fortified parapet with alternate solid parts and openings, termed respectively “merlons” and “embrasures” or “crenels” (hence crenelation). Generally for defense, but employed also as a decorative motif.
2. A roof or platform serving as battle post.
3. A decorative motif having the general shape of a battlement.
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In spite of the value of his study, Smith's discussion does raise some questions, especially his contention concerning the embattlement of American evangelicals.
Along with this lofty status as assassin of the meek - as children were its main victims - smallpox was accompanied with various myths which Rutten addresses while isolating smallpox epidemics and public embattlement against them in the Netherlands during the 18th and 19th centuries.
It's certainly the most obvious place to look in explaining the first lady's sense of embattlement and her adhesion to a marriage that must have caused her furious pain.
But if postcolonialism is to pursue its project of combating cultural prejudice, if the "postcolonial" label is to become more than just a hopelessly generalized metaphor for cultural embattlement (Suleri),(9) and if postcolonial pedagogy is to help our students engage in specified critical thinking, then we must pay more attention to the writers themselves, to the context of their writings, and to the multiple meanings that their texts generate--that they, and we, produce.
The viaduct is decorated with embattlements and a cross motif above each pier.
There are wind turbines, solar panels, World War II gun embattlements and an old isolation hospital from the 1800s still in place on the island, but it is perhaps most famous for receiving the first-ever radio message across water by Marconi in 1897, and has even featured in the BBC TV series Torchwood.
She spoke of the intense embattlements of that era, the prejudice and discrimination added to the deep-seated taboos around race mixing and out-of-wedlock birth.
18) This can be better done, however, from a standpoint of love first and last than from entrenched point and counterpoint embattlements.
It came after years of misinformation being passed to the enemy and even the building of dummy armies and embattlements at Dover to maintain the deception.
Originally the tower was four storeys with embattlements on top.