embedded Linux

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embedded Linux

The Linux operating system configured and enhanced to work in a wide variety of applications, including handheld devices, network appliances, industrial machines and consumer electronics devices. The modularity of Linux makes it well suited to embedded systems. It can be configured to provide only the required functions, making it very lean for devices with limited memory and storage resources.

For real-time applications, the Linux kernel has been modified by several vendors to provide instant response times. For more information, visit the Embedded Linux Consortium at www.embedded-linux.org. See embedded system and Linux.

Linux In Your TV
MontaVista Linux (www.mvista.com) provides the user interface in this Sony TV. Part of the TV's documentation includes a GNU General Public License (GPL) describing the open source components that run under the control of Linux.
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For a limited time, developers can obtain free trial access to LinuxLink, to quickly configure, build and evaluate embedded Linux on the AM3517 MPU by registering at https://linuxlink.timesys.com/register/factory.
In September 1998 the company split its business in two, with Caldera Systems taking charge of the OpenLinux distribution and Caldera Thin Clients responsible for embedded Linux and DR- DOS.
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The use of a commercial quality embedded Linux is expected to provide for rapid development, combined with the long-term support required for military applications.
It supports all major operating systems such as Windows ME/NT/XP, Linux and Embedded Linux, OS-9 and VxWorks Tornado.
Provider of highly integrated semiconductor products Cavium Networks (Nasdaq:CAVM) on Friday completed its acquisition of MontaVista Software Inc, a provider of multi-core embedded Linux operating systems, virtualisation and development tools.
With support for Xilinx's reference boards, LinuxLink customers can easily leverage the flexibility of Xilinx's FPGAs to develop custom hardware with comprehensive embedded Linux support.
Arcom has released a ready-to-run embedded Linux Development Kit for its Intel PXA255 XScale-based single board computer.

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