embedded Linux

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embedded Linux

The Linux operating system configured and enhanced to work in a wide variety of applications, including handheld devices, network appliances, industrial machines and consumer electronics devices. The modularity of the Linux kernel makes it well suited to embedded systems. It can be configured to provide only the required functions, making it very lean for devices with limited memory and storage resources.

For real-time applications, the Linux kernel has been modified by several vendors to provide instant response times. For more information, visit the Embedded Linux Consortium at www.embedded-linux.org. See embedded system and Linux.

Linux In Your TV
MontaVista Linux (www.mvista.com) provides the user interface in this Sony TV. Part of the TV's documentation includes a GNU General Public License (GPL) describing the open source components that run under the control of Linux.
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Embedded developers can now perform evaluation, prototyping, and development by downloading the freely available Mentor Embedded Linux Lite and Sourcery CodeBench Lite tools to support the latest AMD Embedded processors.
Because Vibren has added BlueCat Embedded Linux support to the Vibren Accelent DevkitIDP, engineers can now rapidly develop devices that run industry-standard Linux.
Coollogic a maker of Internet appliances, has acquired ON Channel and its embedded Linux software.
the leader in embedded Linux[R] commercialization, today announced Meld, a new community for developers of embedded Linux devices.
The growth in open source embedded Linux and heterogeneous multi-core processing technology like our new 2nd Generation AMD R-Series APUs enables embedded design engineers to accelerate product development schedules.
the leading provider of Linux[R] for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure, was recognized among embedded Linux providers for its robust toolset and for helping embedded developers speed time-to-market in a new research report, "Embedded Linux Total Cost of Development Analyzed," by the analyst firm Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF).
com), the leading service provider to developers in the embedded Linux market, today introduced LinuxLink Radio, a free podcast focused on embedded Linux.
PITTSBURGH -- TimeSys Corporation, the leading service provider to developers in the embedded Linux market, today announced the availability of LinuxLink subscriptions for the Intel Pentium family of processors, sometimes also referred to as the i586 family.
Increasing our investment in the market leader for embedded Linux was a sound decision," said Steve Krausz, General Partner for US Venture Partners.
With the Project Tsuki Eclipse plug-ins, MontaVista has delivered a simplified, automated remote debugging and analysis solution for embedded Linux in a way that is flexible with our development environment.
We chose embedded Linux as the operating system platform for TetraNode because we wanted system integrators to have access to an open system benefiting from a rich set of third-party applications," said Rohill's Director of R&D, Bert Bouwers.
TimeSys is the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, delivering LinuxLink subscriptions that empower developers to rapidly and efficiently create their own commercial-grade custom Linux platform.

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