embedded Linux

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embedded Linux

The Linux operating system configured and enhanced to work in a wide variety of applications, including handheld devices, network appliances, industrial machines and consumer electronics devices. The modularity of the Linux kernel makes it well suited to embedded systems. It can be configured to provide only the required functions, making it very lean for devices with limited memory and storage resources.

For real-time applications, the Linux kernel has been modified by several vendors to provide instant response times. For more information, visit the Embedded Linux Consortium at www.embedded-linux.org. See embedded system and Linux.

Linux In Your TV
MontaVista Linux (www.mvista.com) provides the user interface in this Sony TV. Part of the TV's documentation includes a GNU General Public License (GPL) describing the open source components that run under the control of Linux.
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With this announcement, AMD Embedded customers now have even more choices available for their Linux development to meet their design challenges, from the no-cost Mentor Embedded Linux Lite to the robust commercially-supported Mentor Embedded Linux.
By adding BlueCat Embedded Linux capabilities to Vibren's Accelent DevKitIDP, the company gives embedded engineers platform versatility that has not been available before," said Bob Morris, vice president, sales and marketing, LynuxWorks.
Linux is based on the idea of sharing knowledge, and there are strong underpinnings of this throughout the Linux community, yet there isn't a place for embedded Linux developers to go to collaborate and experience that sense of community," said Joerg Bertholdt, Vice President of Marketing at MontaVista Software.
Mentor Embedded Linux Lite: A free, unsupported derivation from Mentor Embedded Linux preconfigured for select AMD embedded targets that includes pre-built binary images, Linux kernel and board support package, a Yocto Project-based build system, select user space packages.
By providing the most-often-deployed embedded Linux platform, we give developers the support they need as they face increasingly complex design requirements and encounter steeper time-to-market challenges.
Topics of conversation during the podcast will cover a wide range of embedded Linux topics, with content available for experienced developers, as well as those new to embedded Linux.
In response to customer demand, the introduction of LinuxLink subscriptions for Pentium- processors and clones now provides a solution for customers creating embedded Linux devices with Pentium-equivalent processors from vendors such as Via and Geode.
MontaVista is the leading embedded Linux provider for the telecommunications, mobile, and embedded markets.
While not perfect, the Eclipse framework might offer the best environment to enable higher levels of integration and inter-operability with best-in-class standard Eclipse plug-in technologies like MontaVista's beta technology for embedded Linux debug and analysis solutions that cover a broader spectrum of the development cycle.
For more information about MontaVista and its range of embedded Linux products and tools, see www.
ASIP partners are system integrators who use LinuxLink as their foundation for embedded Linux development so more of their time can be spent designing innovative solutions.
These training sessions will focus on using LinuxLink and Embedded Linux tools to be successful in embedded development projects.

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