embedded Web server

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embedded Web server

Web server software that is built into hardware. Almost all network devices have embedded Web servers (HTTP servers), which provide a control panel for configuring the device. The primary advantage is that hardware vendors only have to write one program based on Internet standards, and their control panel utility is accessible from any Web browser on any hardware platform.

An embedded Web server is like a mini website, except that it is not on the Web. However, some Web servers may be accessed remotely via the Internet. See ETI and Web server.

A Mini Website in the Printer
This home page came from the HTTP server built into the laser printer, not from the Web. The is the IP address of the printer on the local network. See IP address.

In an External Print Server
HTTP server software is built into this external network print server, which plugs into the printer's parallel port.

A Website in Your Washing Machine
This washing machine has a Wi-Fi connection for reporting problems to the vendor, and settings are configured and displayed via a Web browser.
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Embedded web server for remote control on any standard web browser
The new line of amplifiers transmits calibrated tension values from one or two tension zones over dual port communications and offers EDS file AOP, DLR Ring, PTP time stamping, alarms and an embedded web server for setup and calibration.
"With our new line of amplifiers that include built-in networking capabilities, we are offering EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, an embedded web server and EtherCAT for the first time in a tension amplifier," says Chris Harper, global product manager for MAGPOWR Tension Control.
With the WebDAQ embedded web server, users can configure and run simple to complex data-logging operations, log data, set alarm conditions, and view the data in real time.
From the controller's embedded web server, the user can also select the appropriate over- and under-voltage protection and auto shutdown for each circuit, providing customized power protection to devices connected to the unit.
The main functions are: Implementing distributed management and polling control to each functional module of subsystem; Achieving information exchange and sharing with the aid of network and each module; As an embedded Web server, realizing remote communication with parking guidance server through Internet, completing the exchange between parking information and control information.
It hosts an Embedded Web Server (EWS) on it for implementation of TCP/IP protocols[19-22].
• Full Internet Controller mode—Simple microcontrollers can use the modules' rich protocol and application capabilities to perform complex Internet operations, such as e-mail, FTP, SSL, embedded Web server and others.
Embedded web server and XML Processor module were important parts of the XML-based agent.
The E300 overload relay also provides an embedded Web server, which allows maintenance personnel to use a simple Web browser to integrate the E300 overload relay from any Internet-enabled device without the need for special software.
Its embedded Web server allows for easy monitoring of input and output readings, as well as charting or logging data using browsers on computers, smart phones and tablets from anywhere in the world, according to the company.