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wrongful use, for one's own selfish ends, of the property of another when that property has been legally entrusted to one. Such an act was not larcenylarceny,
in law, the unlawful taking and carrying away of the property of another, with intent to deprive the owner of its use or to appropriate it to the use of the perpetrator or of someone else.
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 at common law because larceny was committed only when property was acquired by a "felonious taking," i.e., when the act was committed with respect to property that was at the time in the legal possession of the owner. Consequently, unfaithful servants, employees, agents, trustees, or guardians who misappropriated another's property could be sued only in the civil courts, on the grounds that although the defendant had legally come into possession of the property, he had breached his trust by wrongfully misappropriating it to his own use. To remedy this situation statutes were passed in England and the United States that either made embezzlement a distinct crime or enlarged the definition of larceny in such a way as to include all cases of misappropriation of property in the lawful possession of the wrongdoer. In most states of the United States embezzlement is a felonyfelony
, any grave crime, in contrast to a misdemeanor, that is so declared in statute or was so considered in common law. In early English law a felony was a heinous act that canceled the perpetrator's feudal rights and forfeited his lands and goods to the king, thus depriving
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. Under acts of Congress, stealing of letters by postmasters, clerks, and letter carriers is considered embezzlement.
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The post Paphos man now believed to have embezzled e1/4122,000 appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
ERRA officer has deposited the Rs10b, looted from national exchequer, which was embezzled during the government of Nawaz Sharif.
We conducted a probe and found out that the defendant embezzled Dh252,245 between November 2017 and July 2018.
Of the embezzled money of Rs445 million, NAB could retrieve Rs9.5 million from accounts officials and Rs65 millions from NBP officials.
Whereas in second reference, the accused Shahid Ali while serving as Postmaster at different tenures at Post Office Sost and Post Office Gulmit dishonestly, malafidely and by misuse of authority embezzled Rs.
Solicitor Ewan Gosney told the court: "The money embezzled has been repaid in full.
The subjects are alleged to have embezzled hundreds of millions rupees funds under the project Kalam Area Integrated Development Project.
The report informed that around Rs 100 million was embezzled in purchase of CT scan machines.
According to prosecutors, the couple has admitted the offences and has repaid all the money they allegedly embezzled.
The Administrative Assistant, Tandin Wangchuk, had embezzled Nu 0.133mn.
The Anti-Corruption Establishment officials said that the technical teams conducted an inquiry and inspected the project and found the officials guilty as they embezzled the money.
Sylvia Rebecca Smith, of Louisville, Kentucky, was charged with one count of wire fraud for devising an embezzlement scheme to obtain money from Market Finders and then diverting those funds to PBS Insurance Underwriting Corporation, and two counts of failing to report embezzled funds as income on her tax returns.