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emblemata, emblema

A type of inlaid work used by the early Romans to embellish floors, panels, and the like.
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de Bry (Ipsa Emblemata ab Auctore delineata: a Thedoro de Bry sculpta) (13).
Na edicao de 1531 de Emblemata, o epigrama e a imagem pictorica sao formas metaforicas ou alegoricas emparelhadas que figuram a mesma nocao ou conceito com certa redundancia, ao passo que nas edicoes do Hieroglyphica a imagem ilustra o comentario feito sobre ela.
The uses of Daniel Cramer's Emblemata Saicra are the subject in Sabine Modersheim's contribution to the volume.
Not many conferences give rise to two significant publications, but this is the case with the conference on Emblemata Sacra: Rhetoric and Hermeneutics in Illustrated Religious Literature hosted in 2005 by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Universite Catholique de Louvain.
Of especial value in this regard is the analysis of Sambucus's own theoretical preface, which is at once perhaps the best-known but most difficult part of the Emblemata. Significantly, we are encouraged to envisage different objectives and motivations in the framing of the preface from those that animated the rest of the text and its images.
Aparece el ultimo verso entre los Carmina burana junto a otros versos horacianos, que vemos utilizados en otros lugares emblematicos, como en los Emblemata de Otto Vaenius sobre el poeta latino: <<Inuidus alterius macrescit rebus opimis:/ Inuidiam Siculi non inuenere tyranni / Tormentum maius>>.
'Vanitas' y deconstruccion de la idea de mundo en la emblematica espanola hacia 1580." Emblemata aurea.
The father of emblem literature was the 16th-century Italian lawyer and humanist Andrea Alciato, whose Emblemata (Latin; 1531) appeared in translation and in more than 150 editions.
Graffiti's character (Barthes would say its genius) is t strike against form, ensuring a field in which the only way the image of the body can survive is as part-object, a concatenation of obscene emblemata, the genital splatter that Twombly went on to enact in his Roman paintings from the early '60s.
Typographorum Emblemata: The Printer's Mark in the Context of Early Modern Culture
17)--y del libro, "un verdadero hito en los estudios y en la tradicion de los Emblemata de Adriano Junio", que ofrece "una traduccion realizada con rigor cientifico, [...] acompanada de una introduccion muy solida y elaborada, de un pormenorizado comentario y de seis valiosos indices" (p.
A small sampling of article topics: emblematics in ornithology in the 16th and 17th centuries, emblems in the baroque poem The Dream by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, and meters in Alciato's Emblemata. The three editors assisting Graham are based in the UK, Canada, and the US.