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We found that we would need to use an embosser that could accommodate suitable paper with a width of 15 inches (381 mm).
When embossing an image with ViewPlus software and a ViewPlus embosser, the image size is scaled up automatically so that fingers can more easily distinguish details.
A core concept used in the early development of braille translation technology was that each print symbol sent by a computer to an embosser needed to correspond to one embossed braille character.
This mentoring enabled us to supplement our existing sixsmall machines with a brand new Braille embosser, increasing our production capacity five-fold.
The embosser forms an unalterable, raised impression on stationery, book pages, and official documents.
The program is run through the school's disABILITIES Support Services, which also offers a Braille embosser, talking calculators and note-taking services, among other things, dSS currently serves about 1,500 students each year, including the members of the DNS class.
The braille embosser is located in a custom-built stand on the library's third floor.
With the Model 610 Plastic Card Embosser, Quality Blank PVC cards, and the Model 2000 Electric Imprinter, Addressograph creates an affordable resident ID system for the long-term care market.
It will also pay for computer equipment for a Braille embosser.
You need a writer to put the info on a magnetic strip and an embosser.
Braille readers may now access, Web-Braille digital Braille book files with a computer and a refreshable Braille display (an electronic device that raises or lowers an array of pins to create a line of Braille characters) or a Braille embosser.