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The compartments contain microtissue spheres formed from human liver cells by the ETH spin-off InSphero, and from embryoid bodies grown from mouse stem cells.
After hanging drop, the cells were aggregated and composed embryoid bodies (Figure 1B).
Liu et al., "Autologous feeder cells from embryoid body outgrowth support the long-term growth of human embryonic stem cells more effectively than those from direct differentiation," Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, vol.
The GNE-deficient ESCs are not successful in the formation of embryoid bodies in the first day of culture.
To generate functional cardiomyocytes from hES cells line on feeder-free conditions (Figures 3(b) and 3(c)), we follow a protocol through embryoid body (EB) formation (Figures 3(d) and 3(e)) combined with a treatment with a known promoter of cardiac differentiation, the ascorbic acid [51].
Cell suspensions were cultured as multicellular aggregates known as embryoid bodies (EBs) for 2 days.
Palecek, "Influence of substrate composition on human embryonic stem cell differentiation and extracellular matrix production in embryoid bodies," Biotechnology Progress, vol.
In culture, the cells properly developed into what is called an embryoid body (EB)?a three-dimensional clump of cells that partially resembles the developing embryo in an actual body.
They then implanted the so-called "embryoid bodies" (EBs) into immune-deficient mice, where the cells developed further.
The researchers influenced the iPS cells in such a way that they formed tiny lumps of tissue, called "embryoid bodies." Under normal circumstances, those lumps then develop into various forms of tissue uncontrollably.
T cells are a type of lymphocyte or white blood cell and the researchers obtained very few neural cells from T cell-derived iPSCs cultured in standard embryoid bodies compared with the usual fibroblast-derived iPSCs.
The electrophysiological analysis of contracting areas of embryoid bodies (EBs) showed significant increase in the field potential duration.