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Any abnormal development of an embryo, either morphological or biochemical.
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a disease of or injury to a human embryo occurring between the middle of the first and the end of the third month of intrauterine development. Embryopathy may be caused by a genetic disturbance or by a pathogenic factor that affects the embryo through the mother, such as hypoxia, poisoning, or an infectious disease. Embryopathy may result in malformation of embryonic organs, developmental anomalies, and spontaneous abortion. Prevention calls for the protection of the mother’s health during the first months of pregnancy.

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Embryopathy due to RA is being intensely investigated in view of the teratogenic potential of retinols and of the crucial role played by their receptors in embryo development.
It is related with a set of abnormalities termed Coumarin embryopathy, as well as risk of fetal bleeding.
Maternal alcohol consumption confers to offspring a higher risk of ventricular septal [137] and atrial septal [138] defects with alcoholic embryopathy, leading to minor cardiac abnormalities, even without structural congenital cardiac defects [139].
Another had a TOF, an abnormality which may occur as part of a postulated 'methimazole embryopathy'.
The thymus is derived from the third pharyngeal pouch and develops under the inductive effect of neural crest cells.1 Defective development of the thymus is one of the main and consistent features encountered in congenital syndromes, including retinoic acid induced embryopathy.2 Retinoic acid (RA) is a potent teratogen which primarily targets normal neural crest cell migration, affecting the development of neural crest derived structures.3 Impaired neural crest contribution leads to the deranged development of the thymus gland in a manner similar to that observed in congenital conditions, such as DiGeorge syndrome.2,4
Differential diagnosis of these skeletal abnormalities includes thrombocytopenia absent radius syndrome, Roberts syndrome, thalidomide embryopathy, Fanconi anaemia and Edward syndrome.
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The thermostable virus was serially passaged in 9-11 days old embryonated SPF fowl eggs and observed no embryopathy on 45th passage.
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