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Dry land which was part of the ocean floor.
The act or process of becoming an emergent land mass.



an outgrowth on the surface of stems and leaves formed, in contrast to hair, not only by the epidermis but by underlying tissues. Emergences include the stinging hairs of nettle, the thorns on rose stems and thorn apples, and the glandular hairs on sundew (Drosera).

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The Best of Emerge Magazine is comprehensive, about 700 pages, yet the book more than pays for itself with 40 pages and six articles devoted to "Kemba's Nightmare," the crusade that was Emerge's finest moment.
Thus the reorganization value represents an economic value; it is the present value of the aftertax future cash flows expected to be generated by the assets making up the reconstituted entity that emerges and the net realizable value of those assets that will be disposed of.
Tim Connolly, CEO of Emerge, stated, "We are proud of the early results shown by the Nexus Nano team, including new COO Mel Roseman and CFO Chris Mathers.
OCTBB:GWNI) announced today that under a new contract signed with Emerge Capital (OTCBB:EMGC) Emerge's Chairman, Fred Zeidman, will work with GWIN's management to develop and implement a restructuring and growth plan for GWIN, Inc.
HOUSTON -- Emerge Capital (OTCBB:EMGC) announced today the appointment of William Chris Mathers as Chief Financial Officer of Emerge Capital Corp.