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non-rotating test head--Many abrasion testers have the capability of performing sample rotation in addition to lateral movement across the emery paper.
Contact force--Contact force between the rubber sample and emery paper is established through the use of precisely weighted discs attached to the top of the sample test head.
Emery paper installation--The proper installation and conditioning of the emery paper forms the foundation of the integrity of the entire instrument.
This includes conditioning or "calibration" of the emery paper, suitable storage and use of the standard reference compound, and the proper determination of calibration indices when calculating sample volume loss.
Emery paper conditioning--Even after proper installation of the emery paper, it must still be calibrated or conditioned to the correct "abrasive power" prior to use.
It is for this reason that it is critical to attain optimal conditioning of the emery paper, not only to achieve a level of abrasiveness that allows valid test data to be generated, but also to provide a proper correction factor for final result calculations.
Calibration indices--The standard reference compound used for conditioning of the emery paper and establishing correction factors, or calibration indices, is a highly controlled compound identified in the standard as BAM-E001 ISO:4649, or Standard Reference Compound Number 1.
IF, after all that rubbing with emery paper, you think you're still not getting a good contact with your 12N or 12S plugs, use a penknife to widen the gap between the pins.
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