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see immigrationimmigration,
entrance of a person (an alien) into a new country for the purpose of establishing permanent residence. Motives for immigration, like those for migration generally, are often economic, although religious or political factors may be very important.
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; migrationmigration,
of people, geographical movements of individuals or groups for the purpose of permanently resettling. Early History

Migrations have occurred throughout history and have played an important part in the peopling of all the areas of the earth.
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the movement of people from one country to another to establish permanent or temporary residence, usually with the aim of finding work. Emigration may be permanent or temporary, even seasonal. In seasonal emigration the time of stay is limited by contract or other terms of hire; for example, the emigrant may be allowed to stay for the gathering of the harvest. In addition to emigration for economic reasons, population movements take place for political, ethnic, and religious reasons. In the second half of the 20th century the principal waves of emigration have been from Western Europe to the USA, Canada, Australia, and several other countries—primarily permanent emigration—and from developing countries to Western Europe— usually temporary emigration by laborers who work for low wages. (See alsoHUMAN MIGRATION.)



The movement of individuals or their disseminules out of a population or population area.
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I myself emigrated years back but I always had the wanderlust to travel but a lot of my friends who stayed on have done very well and nicely for themselves after all.
Nevertheless, last year, most foreign citizens emigrated to Skopje (676), Bitola (83), Ohrid (61), Prilep (52) and Tetovo (50).
Dorothy Street was a two-year-old when she emigrated to Canada with her mother and father.
Tom and Pearl emigrated to Canada in 1957 to be with their children, who had all settled there.
We emigrated as a family in 2001 because we wanted to start a new life in Australia," Moran told the Mercury.
Not all Korean-Americans interviewed Monday felt comfortable criticizing the government in Pyongyang, including a 72-year-old man who emigrated from South Korea 29 years ago.
Most of the rest of his family emigrated as well, but one brother, Shmiel, decided to return to the ancestral village and live as a "big fish in a small pond," rather than as a small fish in the ocean of America.
The Prairie Tides: The Ebbs and Flows of an Era is the saga of the author's grandfather, who emigrated from Europe to find a new life and the changes of the Kansas society around him.
Many of them emigrated from other countries and worked in the garment industry before getting involved in real estate.
Born of an assimilated French speaking Jewish family in Algeria on July 15, 1930, he emigrated to France to study philosophy in 1950 and in 1957 made his first visit to the United States, to which he would be linked by the stars.
Part I demonstrates that although there were important regional variations among men and women in Italy as workers, family members and potential migrants, women were not "passive dependents, or 'housewives,' waiting in idleness for remittances sent by emigrated men.
Markopoulos (1928-1992) was of the one of the key figures in American avant-garde cinema between 1947 and 1967, when he emigrated to Europe and withdrew his films from circulation.