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Gray Eminence:

see Joseph, FatherJoseph, Father
(François Leclerc du Tremblay), 1577–1638, French Capuchin monk, a confidant and agent of Cardinal Richelieu, generally known as the Éminence Grise [gray eminence].
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It is as if Russell Kirk had written the most damning indictment of the Vietnam War and then become the eminence grise of SDS.
If Lord Cromer for long the eminence grise ensuring an Egypt pliant to Britain was a model of heavy-jowled imperturbability then Flora Shaw supporter and later wife of Lugard of East Africa was a live-wire get-you-on-board journalist with the Times (her employer) in her pocket.
"Ross is late-twenties-year-old public intellectual with the sensibility of a 60-year eminence grise, the range of a Hitchens, the pitch of a conservative AJP Taylor, the conscience of a Neibuhr and the intellectual honesty of his frequent sparring partner, Andrew Sullivan."*Greg Mitchell is editor of E&P.
It was Labour's eminence grise, the puppet master behind the scenes, Tom McCabe, who was actually responsible.
Summary: Youssef Chahine, the eminence grise of Egyptian cinema and one of the best-known Arab film directors, died Sunday in Cairo.
Since joining Citigroup in 1999, he has focused mainly on strategy, assuming an "eminence grise" role as a close adviser to Mr Prince, while leaving day-to-day business operations to others.
From such an eminence grise of Reformation historiography as Dufour, a light but thoroughly informed touch is most welcome.
(Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's national security adviser, is their "eminence grise.") They value both strength and diplomacy, but "believe that peace ultimately comes from something else: equilibrium."
A rumour is circulating to the effect that Pottering's new Head of Cabinet (and likely future EP Secretary-General), Klaus Welle (Germany) - an influential eminence grise' - could be appointed.
She was a pioneer of the methodology, author of influential books and publications, the eminence grise behind the 1500 or so blue and gold oral history volumes produced under her long tenure at ROHO, and the demanding yet beneficent head honcho at ROHO.
Koizumi will however remain an eminence grise in the ruling party, so his imprint on policy and attitudes will remain large.