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Gray Eminence:

see Joseph, FatherJoseph, Father
(François Leclerc du Tremblay), 1577–1638, French Capuchin monk, a confidant and agent of Cardinal Richelieu, generally known as the Éminence Grise [gray eminence].
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From such an eminence grise of Reformation historiography as Dufour, a light but thoroughly informed touch is most welcome.
She was a pioneer of the methodology, author of influential books and publications, the eminence grise behind the 1500 or so blue and gold oral history volumes produced under her long tenure at ROHO, and the demanding yet beneficent head honcho at ROHO.
Koizumi will however remain an eminence grise in the ruling party, so his imprint on policy and attitudes will remain large.
Elsewhere there's another reference to a muscle-bound action hero: A 16-mm film in which a thespian wearing a blood-soaked, flesh-colored bodysuit (which turns up elsewhere on a stuffed figure draped over a chair and named in reference to Number One, eminence grise of The Prisoner) reenacts Sylvester Stallone's emotional scene from the 1982 film First Blood, wherein his damaged soldier decompresses after Vietnam.
Both cardinals-designate would not have found favor in Rome if they had not first found it with Cardinal Law, who became the eminence grise of the U.
the eminence grise of Islamic art and architectural history in the U.
Koizumi the perpetual peace-seeker can devote his energies to convincing LDP holdouts to enshrine peaceable ideals permanently in a new site after he becomes the party's eminence grise.
Stoffel--who'd come to Iraq on the strength of his connections with a circle of Washington lobbyists associated with the invasions eminence grise, Ahmed Chalabi--had recently accused the Iraqi government and American employees of U.
Most exciting of all in this section was a new film from the now eminence grise of the French new wave, Jean-Luc Godard.
Christopher Munch (The Sleepy Time Gal), an eminence grise of the New Queer Cinema and a Sundance favorite, was back with Harry and Max, a twisted tale of two pop-star brothers with the hots for each other.
There are two forewords, one by Dr Geoff Gallop, Premier of Western Australia, and one by Geoffrey Bolton, eminence grise of Western Australian history.
In his topsy-turvy literary history, Eliot is threatening, an eminence grise, even though he was the poet Heaney admired most when he was starting out in the 1950s.