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a. an agent or messenger sent on a mission, esp one who represents a government or head of state
b. (as modifier): an emissary delegation
2. (of veins) draining blood from sinuses in the dura mater to veins outside the skull



an agent or representative sent by one state to another on a specific, usually secret, mission. Modern international legal terminology pertaining to the relations between governmental bodies that deal with foreign affairs does not include the term “emissary,” since the mission of an emissary is not, as a rule, of an official nature.

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The Inquirer source said the emissaries were granted access to Abdullah Maute only because they were also Maranao.
Both believe that America's emissaries must meet with an Iranian representative who is close to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The goal: for each recipient to write about and photograph the mini-editor enjoying the local flavor of a particular city, post the doll's "experiences" on the APME Web site, and send the emissaries on to the next managing editor, with a note urging them to attend the conference.
We have 14 emissaries, six of whom are Nieman Fellows.
Teagan Decker, then EWC Administrative Director, began to send tutors into classrooms as emissaries around 2000.
Emissaries traverse the sand with leaflets hawking tea dances and celebrity DJs at the eclectic Frogg Pond or Cafe Zeus.
Given the gift of an ability to communicate with the wildlife they meet and to learn the keys to enhancing the health of the land, these two little Oglin emissaries endure hardship and experience danger as they venture across the African continent seeking to meet the Great Spirit and learn how to heal the deterioration of the life and land of their secluded Oglin homelands.
Roughly 60 percent of Putin's inner circle are "ex-military and security people," as are 70 percent of the staffers working for the Kremlin's seven regional emissaries.
The performers started as gun-toting emissaries from the "Art Army" and ended as white-robed acolytes in a purification ceremony.
These goodwill emissaries, young adults with a wide range of skills and training who have done their service in the Israeli army, infuse the JCC camp experience with the essence of Israel.
We elbow ourselves into the congress, where all of those big shots are stuffing their pockets, and say 'We are emissaries for the future.