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a. an agent or messenger sent on a mission, esp one who represents a government or head of state
b. (as modifier): an emissary delegation
2. (of veins) draining blood from sinuses in the dura mater to veins outside the skull
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an agent or representative sent by one state to another on a specific, usually secret, mission. Modern international legal terminology pertaining to the relations between governmental bodies that deal with foreign affairs does not include the term “emissary,” since the mission of an emissary is not, as a rule, of an official nature.

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Aside from bribery charges, the emissary might also face an administrative case in connection with the incident.
Emissary veins apparently served double duty in the gracile-Homo lineage, says Falk, by helping to drain blood out of the cranium and by cooling the brain when vigorous exercise or heat exposure warnmed up blood flowing into cerebral tissue.
Irene Santiago, chair of the government's peace implementing panel, said the emissary was respected by both the military and the Maute group.
"The idea of the emissary is deeply ingrained in the history of Chabad, ever since the first revered rabbi of the Lubavitch dynasty, known by the name of his book, Baal Hatanya," said Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky, who was Schneerson's secretary and a leader of the emissary movement.
He said the ceasefire happened after an emissary helped negotiate with the militants on Saturday.
She would like to come to live in Israel, but she has been informed by the Jewish Agency emissary in Miami that she would receive a visa only after she proved she had been a member of a local congregation for a year.
The government has tried to bring the violent Maute group to dialogue but has been rebuffed, according to a government emissary.