emmer wheat

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emmer wheat:

see wheatwheat,
cereal plant of the genus Triticum of the family Poaceae (grass family), a major food and an important commodity on the world grain market. Wheat Varieties and Their Uses
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Genetic analyses have shown that the domestication of single-grained einkorn and emmer wheat took place around the Karacadag (Heun et al.
Not to let this knowledge go to waste, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries in England came out with Tutankhamun Ale on July 2, brewed with specially grown emmer wheat and using methods based on Samuel's work.
1996) have shown that Neolithic diets included domestic crops: einkorn wheat, emmer wheat, free-threshing wheat, hulled barley, oats, flax and lentil; and domestic animals: sheep/goat, cattle and pig.
cereals: hulled barley (Hordeurn vulgare) and free-threshing wheat (Triticum aestivum/durum), emmer wheat (T.
In contrast, a single extraction with a second sample of charred grain -- 3300-year-old emmer wheat from Assiros Toumba, Greece (Jones et al.
Identification of selected samples by Coinneach Maclean and Peter Rowley-Conwy demonstrated emmer wheat to be the dominant cereal represented, and the resultant radiocarbon determination (GU-1421; TABLE 1) for a bulk sample of grains -- from a context which included the bread wheat type to be discussed below -- is statistically inseparable from at least some of the initial 14C series for the site (cf Williams 1989).