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decompression sickness

, illness
a disorder characterized by severe pain in muscles and joints, cramp, and difficulty in breathing, caused by a sudden and sustained decrease in air pressure, resulting in the deposition of nitrogen bubbles in the tissues


the state of feeling physically or emotionally unwell or sick, and, as such, different from having or suffering from a disease. The word ‘ill’ originally meant ‘evil’ or ‘morally harmful’. Although they are not completely different categories, sociologists distinguish between illness as a social category, and disease as a medical category The latter refers to clinical conditions and pathologies which are described, classified and published as a branch of medical expertise. Illness refers to the subjective experience of sickness, disease or bad health, and to socially and culturally generated and expressed concepts of physical, social and psychological abnormality. See also SICK ROLE, TRIVIAL CONSULTATION, SYMPTOM ICEBERG, SOCIOLOGY OF HEALTH AND ILLNESS.

What does it mean when you dream about illness?

Dreams of illness may suggest that the dreamer should pay attention to health matters especially to the areas of the body revealed in the dream. (See also Infection, Vaccination).


The state of being sick.
A sickness, disease, or disorder.


If you are ill in your dream, please pay attention to your health. At times our unconscious gives us warnings before we are consciously aware of any symptoms. Emotional health can also be included in such dreams, so take care of your relationships and express your feelings in positive ways. If someone you care about is ill in your dream, maybe you are concerned about losing the support and love of that person.
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Future research is needed to evaluate coping strategies as they are discussed in Leventhal's Common-Sense Model to determine their impact on cognitive and emotional illness representations and on outcomes such as well-being.
The symptoms, which develop in emotional illness, can be considered the result of defensive efforts versus anxiety.
At times, the load that needs sharing is the burden of loneliness or depression or mental or emotional illness.
The reality is that patients with migraine or tension headache don't necessarily have emotional illness, yet research shows they can still benefit from behavioral therapy," he said in an interview.
Koplow makes the consequences of emotional illness crystal clear.
The Salvation Army in Monterey County has agreed to share information with their other facilities throughout the state regarding the transient homeless population who may have some form of mental or emotional illness.
The tragic death of his parents, precipitated by severe mental and emotional illness, left Charles with a well of unresolved grief.
Add to this the decrease in crime rates and, most probably, although not statistically proven yet, a significant decrease in mental and emotional illness.
Ms Moran said: "Cancer is a very emotional illness, and it's not just the patient who has a hard time of it.
The Department of Mental Health s mission in part, is to develop, support, and oversee a comprehensive system of care for persons with mental or emotional illness, or those who are at risk of developing such illnesses.
The shooting comes amid a raging debate in the United States over gun violence, especially perpetrated by those suffering from mental or emotional illness, after a series of high-profile shootings.