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An empath is one who psychically tunes into another person or group of people. This may be done consciously or unconsciously. For example, it may be a case of precognition, as in waking in the middle of the night aware of a disaster that has taken place and then finding, the following morning, that there was such a disaster. Or it may be a case of having an uncertain feeling of unease for a period and then, when a national calamity occurs, having the feeling dissipate. It is more specific than simply being a psychic.


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He wants to be understood as an empath, and with empathy from others, and for readers to see that there is a connection between sexual relationships and the way Roth's narrators offer empathy to women, as we see in The Dying Animal, a story of breast cancer, and in Exit Ghost, where Zuckerman is the only one left who will truly listen to his former crush Amy Bellette, demented by brain cancer in her old age.
The irony in Roth that goes so unrecognized is that his very body and "thoughts embodied" on the page, his most intimate sense of the world, is exactly what makes him so universally the empath he is and desires to be flayed out on the page.
Lysette allows herself to grow close to the last remaining prisoner, an Empath named Andru.
Strategic empaths seek out the less obvious, underlying constraints on their enemy's behavior as well as their own.
Once the underlying constraints are understood and it is clear that the enemy actually has room to maneuver, strategic empaths turn to exploring the enemy's key drivers.
I am an empath, and my powers as an empath come into play in these pieces.
Indeed, the first category of musicians Friskics-Warren discusses are Teresa's direct spiritual descendents: mystics--or as he further delineates them, "contemplatives, sensualists, and empaths.
Finding Emmaus" is the first book fo the Lodestarre series, a historic fantasy telling a story of two Empaths who live three hundred years apart whose talents are written off as mental illness.
Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment" discusses empathy and empaths, people who feel the pain of others more strongly than typical empathy.