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A special importance or significance placed upon or imparted to an element or form by means of contrast or counterpoint; a sharpness or vividness of outline.



the marking, or singling out, of individual elements and shades of meaning of an utterance.

Emphasis can be achieved by various means. It is expressed primarily through emphatic stress, lengthening, and rising or falling intonation. For example, in the sentence la dúmaiu, chto on pridet (“I think that he will come”), the speaker’s certainty can be underscored by lowering the pitch on the word dumaiu (“think”); uncertainty can be conveyed by raising the pitch. Emphasis is often accompanied by a logical stress pattern, in which there is a rising pitch and a lengthening of the stressed vowel, as in Kto chital étu knigu? (“Who read this book?”).

Emphasis can also be expressed by a number of lexical-syntactic means: (1) The use of special emphatic auxiliary words—for example, la zhe vam govoril (“I did tell you”) and, in English, “I did see him.” This usage is sometimes referred to as the emphatic mood. (2) A departure from neutral word order (seeINVERSION). For example, compare la chital etu knigu (“I read this book”) with Knigu etu ai chital (“This book I read”). (3) The use of a special emphatic construction in which the rheme is stressed—for example, in French, C’est jean qui l’a fait (“John did it”). In Aramaic there is a special emphatic construction formed by a noun and a postpositive article, as opposed to the usual construction consisting of an article followed by a noun. (4) The use of anaphora and repetition—for example, khodil-khodil (“[he] walked and walked”) and den’-denskoi (“all day long”).

An emphatic effect in a formal, elevated style can be obtained through the use of the plural of mass nouns, as with sneg (“snow”) in Pod nim Kazbek, kak gran’ almaza,/Snegami vechnymi siial (“Under him Kazbek, like the facet of a diamond/Shines with eternal snows,” M. Iu. Lermontov).


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Norman Roy, FEI president, in which he replied to Levitt's claim that the composition of the FAF board affected its ability to oversee the FASB, saying, "We emphatically do not agree.
Let me pause for a moment to say, as emphatically as possible, that I have always been and continue to be happy that it is not my responsibility to formulate and give 52 homilies a year.
Preston reports with some glee that The Washington post botched its front-page story on the matter by stating, incorrectly, that the monkeys had "been destroyed as a precaution" at a time when they most emphatically had not been destroyed, and when quite a few scientists were nervously trying to figure out how to destroy them without contracting the disease.
American officials have emphatically denied that President George Bush's watch was stolen as he shook hands with enthusiastic Albanians.
Written in plain, no-nonsense terms, Getting To Scale is emphatically recommended for anyone scaling up the size of the business--whether simply opening a second storefront, taking the step to incorporate, or going global.
In their consideration of the built environment, the images evoke those of Andreas Gursky--Brasilia, General Assembly 1, 1994, in particular--but when Gursky's touring midcareer retrospective appeared at the Museum in 2003, it was presented in galleries designated more emphatically as spaces for art, suggesting a critical difference in curatorial perception of the artists' intent.
It's special,'' said Pollack, who pumped both fists emphatically after crossing the finish line.
Though The Devil and the Disappearing Sea is written to bring its message especially to lay readers, this cautionary tale is also emphatically recommended for ecological and environmental studies lists, and a "must-read" for anyone involved in an environmental conservation project, particularly those taking place in unfamiliar cultures overseas.
Though Aphrodisia's artworks are emphatically not pornographic, some have an erotic tone, and there are quite a few nude or extremely scantily clad female images.
I emphatically refute the suggestion that Wrexham FC is not safe in my hands, '' he said.
Christoph Mackler is, emphatically, a proponent of the 'art of building'.
Perfect dancing is not enough," he says emphatically.