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4, we present the I-V characteristic curves obtained via application of each method, along with the sample points taken from the empirical curve for RMSE computation.
The intersection of the empirical curve and the level which is high than the baseline value of 0.02 AI were established as contact pointZ0for further study.
According to Figure 8, when only one blood vessel is considered, the larger the blood vessel is, the more heat is taken away, and the empirical curve shifts down more.
The coefficient of determination confirmed the correlation of empirical curve with the compound distribution.
Given the complexity of modelling acidification, including calculation of pHBC at changing values of pH, and the amount of experimental data required to do it mechanistically, an alternative approach may be useful--to measure the soil's pH buffer curve using appropriate conditions and then to use the empirical curve in models.
The [beta] function is an empirical curve based only on two parameters (arch depth and molar width), it does not take the rest of the dental landmarks into consideration and it has no respect for asymmetry because it is a symmetrical function.
Phillips' empirical curve became famous almost instantaneously, despite it being a "rush job" (Phillips, cited by Blyth, 1975, p.
However, the deviations between the simulation and empirical curves tended to increase as the weight percentages increased, and further studies are needed to improve the results.
However, the fitted empirical curves may not be flexible enough to depict PSD of diverse soil types.
3) and, in the absence of first-principles calculation methods, has to be represented by empirical curves (1).
In order to make the hydraulic system heat calculations more manageable, some fluid power companies have conducted extensive tests and reduced results to empirical curves. The curves shown in Fig.

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