empirical formula

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empirical formula:

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in chemistry, an expression showing the chemical composition of a compound. Formulas of compounds are used in writing the equations (see chemical equations) that represent chemical reactions. Compounds are combinations in fixed proportions of the chemical elements.
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empirical formula

[em′pirṁəṁkəl ′fȯrṁmyəṁlə]
A chemical formula that indicates the composition of a compound in terms of the relative numbers and kinds of atoms in the simplest ratio; for example, the empirical formula for fluorobenzene is C6H5F.
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The same method to calculate the empirical formula of milling force about milling depth is used, which can be expressed, respectively, as the formulas (8) and (9):
(1) There are differences among the elastic moduli of randomly distributed SFRC given by the theory of composite materials, the empirical formulas [36, 37], and the experimental values.
If a mix of 25% (mole%) CO and 75% [H.sub.2] is fired, the C normalized empirical formula of fuel is C[H.sub.6]O with h = 6 and o = 1.
An empirical formula for predicting FRP confined compressive strength of post fire exposure concrete column is proposed.
Because no empirical formula is used here, there is no connection between input neurons and knowledge-based neurons.
Therefore, it is essential to set up an empirical formula based on COFT related to the microbending loss and the retraction deformation of optical fiber.
On the other hand, it is noted that the experimental results are consistent with the calculation by Forrestal's empirical formula for traditional smooth surface projectile and the numerical values by DEM simulation are slightly deviated as a whole, but the maximum relative error is less than 20%.
The influence of seawater velocity on seismic travel time, ray path, and amplitude is revealed based on empirical formulas of temperature, depth, and salinity (Han et al., 2012).
The aerodynamic drag reduction rate [DRR.sub.1] of the first vehicle in a 3-vehicle platoon can be determined using Equation (7) and the empirical formula in Figure 11, similar to the way it was determined for the first vehicle in a 2-vehicle platoon.
Data on elemental analysis, H/C relation, empirical formula and WFEA of asphaltenes and CRA Castilla crude oil Sample Mass Element content (%) (mg) N H C S O CRA 2.76 1.54 8.15 84.03 4.01 2.25 Asphaltenes 2.45 1.65 7.48 83.66 4.22 2.98 Sample Relation H/C Empirical formula WFEA (g/mol) CRA 1.16 [C.sub.63][H.sub.74]NSO 892 Asphaltenes 1.07 [C.sub.59][H.sub.63]NSO 833
The results of the pest risk index method and empirical formula method were in substantial agreement.
Comparison between the frictional loss factors calculated by the empirical formula (13) and the Karman formula (15) is shown in Table 1 for the raw sewage in the hydraulic smooth region of turbulent flow.

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