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any activity engaged in for wages or salary In sociology, there has always been a healthy scepticism about the simple equating of paid employment with work, yet in the wider society the prevailing meaning of the word is just that – so, ‘an active woman, running a house and bringing up children, is distinguished from a woman who works: that is to say, takes paid employment’ (R. Williams, 1976).

Sociologists have long been aware that WAGE LABOUR, to give its technical name, is only a particular form of work, gaining its centrality and definition from the specific set of productive relations which occurs within capitalist, market-exchange economies. Work, in such societies, is identified with employment, which involves ‘the sale and purchase of labour power as a commodity in a market, resulting in the direction of activity during “working hours” by persons who have acquired the right to do so by virtue of the labour contract’ (Purcell, 1986). See also PRODUCTIVE AND UNPRODUCTIVE LABOUR, LABOUR THEORY OF VALUE, SOCIOLOGY OF WORK, PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SPHERES, DOMESTIC LABOUR.

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The Western District Court, however, ruled the payments were FICA wages since they had been made because of the teachers' employment relationship with the school district and would have been received by the taxpayers had they continued teaching.
The new regulations include: (1) A definition of "employer" that is broader than that found in other federal statutes in that individual supervisors and managers who have control over employment opportunities, and to whom the employer has delegated the performance of such responsibilities, may be personally liable; (2) Requirements that a service member who returns from a qualified leave be reemployed in an "escalator position" that permits an employee to step back into the position the employee would have occupied had the employee been employed continuously during the military leave; and (3) Application of the escalator principle (e.
The employment representatives and companies to be recognized with National Commander's Employment Awards at the 85th National Convention are listed at right.
The payments at issue in this case arose out of the employment relationship and were conditioned on a minimum number of years of service.
11) In Meritor, the Supreme Court stated that the conduct, first of all, must be unwelcomed, and then emphasized that it must be so severe and pervasive as to "alter the conditions of [the victim's] employment and create an abusive working environment.
Manufacturing employment is shrinking worldwide as a result of more efficient use of labor, automation, and new IT.
The employment rate for people with disabilities should not be substantially lower than that of the general public if there is truly equal access and opportunity.
The prevalence of early prenatal care was lower among women who became unemployed or inadequately employed during pregnancy than among those who remained adequately employed, and women who involuntarily transitioned to part-time employment gave birth at a significantly shorter gestation than their counterparts whose employment status was stable.
Supported Employment Program, North Battleford: To enables approximately 35 persons with intellectual disabilities to develop the skills, knowledge and experience they need to find and maintain a position in the workforce.
Researchers asked 400 former prisoners released into the Chicago area about employment four to eight months after release.
When a domestic employee walks through the door for the first time, the household becomes a place of employment, and the homeowner becomes an employer who can be held liable for obscene, discriminatory or offensive conduct.

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