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any activity engaged in for wages or salary In sociology, there has always been a healthy scepticism about the simple equating of paid employment with work, yet in the wider society the prevailing meaning of the word is just that – so, ‘an active woman, running a house and bringing up children, is distinguished from a woman who works: that is to say, takes paid employment’ (R. Williams, 1976).

Sociologists have long been aware that WAGE LABOUR, to give its technical name, is only a particular form of work, gaining its centrality and definition from the specific set of productive relations which occurs within capitalist, market-exchange economies. Work, in such societies, is identified with employment, which involves ‘the sale and purchase of labour power as a commodity in a market, resulting in the direction of activity during “working hours” by persons who have acquired the right to do so by virtue of the labour contract’ (Purcell, 1986). See also PRODUCTIVE AND UNPRODUCTIVE LABOUR, LABOUR THEORY OF VALUE, SOCIOLOGY OF WORK, PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SPHERES, DOMESTIC LABOUR.

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then be severe: If studious, copy fair what Time hath blurr'd, Redeem truth from his jaws: if soldier, Chase brave employment with a naked sword
A select group of employment specialists and companies are being honored this year with the National Commander's Employment awards.
3121(a) defines "wages" as "all remuneration for employment, including the cash value of all remuneration (including benefits) paid in any medium other than cash." Employment is defined in Sec.
Quid pro quo sexual harassment is predicated upon a showing by employees that their response to unwelcome sexual advances was subsequently used as the basis for a tangible employment action.
Since 1997, employment has declined in the goods-producing sectors of most developed and many developing economies, leaving service industries responsible for all net job creation.
Pertaining to employment, discriminatory stereotyping is a pervasive negative attitude that focuses on a person's disability rather than on a person's ability (Department of Labor [DOL], 2003a).
The researchers assessed associations between adverse changes in employment during pregnancy and infant birth weight, testing the influence of three factors potentially mediating these associations--prenatal care, infant gestational age and maternal weight gain during pregnancy
TEAM Work Cooperative, Inc., Halifax: To provide eligible individuals with an initial needs assessment to identify program activities that will support their employment goals.
Those who find work are indeed less likely to reoffend, and many charitable organizations and lawmakers have focused on employment programs for former offenders.
According to this approach, welfare recipients who are deemed employable by government receive benefits only if they are taking steps towards gainful employment through participating in employability programs, attending school, or actively engaging in job-search activities (Gorlick & Brethour, 1998).
Hasazi, Gordon, and Roe (1985) reported on factors associated with the employment status of youth with disabilities exiting high school from 1979 to 1983.
State and local government employment often lags in starting to show the effects of a recession, so making sense of the data includes examining changes compared to the recession's peak as well as its start.

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