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What does it mean when you dream about emptiness?

An empty container or vessel may indicate a feeling of having nothing to show for all the time and effort invested in something, such as a business venture or a personal relationship.

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There will be no silence, no emptiness in the world, so long as there is the body.
Regarding Eduardo Chillida, Angel Valente says that enclosing full emptiness "places the artist and us in a point where creation is achieved and in its achievement, what has been created, fades so that the world continues to be possible, that is to say, to perpetuate the possibility of creativity".
Rather than being convinced of God's presence through affirmations, a feeling of spiritual closeness, and the richness of symbols, feelings, and images (this would be the via affirmativa), one "relates" to God as the Vast Emptiness, the Dark Night, the Endless Expanse, the "Absent One," as Mother Teresa put it.
Suzuki and Masao Abe leads him to be overly suspicious of conceptual statements about emptiness.
Duato's current work, Multiplicity: Forms of Silence and Emptiness, was commissioned in 1999 by the German city of Weimar, designated Europe's Cultural Capital that year.
When Jesus went into the desert following his baptism by John, he was called to this emptiness of reality.
The course uncovers how the metaphor of emptiness represents a special state of insight and reflection in Ch'an and Zen art.
Measurement: Room reverses the conceit of that little-known drawing, substituting volume for mass, emptiness for fullness.
For the impulsive Lili, there can be only one answer, which leads to adventure that leads back to the essential emptiness of Lili's life.
It ought to be the last bastion of resistance to the banality of consumer culture--the mindlessness of advertising, the ruthlessness of the market, the emptiness of technology.
In the third part of this essay, I assess the Buddhist notion of emptiness from within a specifically Christian framework, and explore the concept of "resonance.
These features include intense and unstable relationships, self-destructive, impulsive behavior (such as drug abuse), fears of being abandoned, intolerance of being alone, suicide attempts aimed at manipulating others, persistent feelings of emptiness, and rage alternating with a childish dependency on others.