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The result is a highly cost-effective, "all-in-one" solution that meets the full range of storage needs of today--while enabling rapid scaling or reconfiguration to meet the needs of tomorrow.
Direct fabric interconnect allows simple development of Gigabit Ethernet tributary cards for existing SONET/SDH add/drop multiplexers and cross-connects, enabling data services that have previously required high cost system upgrades.
Cost Savings Plus the Benefits of Disk -- The S2100-DS2 DeltaStor appliance delivers the benefits of disk storage at a cost per GB stored that is less than physical tape enabling longer online retention of data.
Currently, with more than 210,000 units in 20 countries, ViVOtech's products are in use at movie theaters, fast food restaurants (QSR), casual dining establishments, convenience stores, gas stations, drug stores, grocery stores, buses, taxicabs and vending machine locations, enabling a wide variety of businesses to accept contactless/NFC payments.
This unique report, the first of its kind provides a deep understanding of the status of IT Enabling technologies in India in terms of applications & technologies applicable in Industries, education, research activities, patents filed in the country, major industry forums, profiles of major R&D centers & Investments.
PhoenixZIP, which quickly retrieves the entire protocol information in one easy drag-and-drop step, enabling reproducible follow-up examinations.
Based on innovative patented and patent-pending technology, Smart Mobile overcomes limitations of current-generation WLANs, enabling organizations to deploy massively scalable wireless networks that meet the needs of the most demanding data and voice applications, while providing unlimited reach indoors and outdoors.
AppLogic allows hosting providers to move to a utility model by enabling them to host transactional and streaming Web applications on a grid.