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By enabling the development of realistic schedules, the baselines improve the likelihood that the enterprise architecture will provide the detail required of an integration blueprint; and provide a benchmark for monitoring program performance, without which cost, schedule, and performance deviations will be neither identifiable nor measurable.
Filled with a mixture of anger and guilt, family members then hear us say those awful words: "You're just enabling him.
However, the program has proven to be very successful, enabling many with dementia to remain in an unlocked living environment.
Furthermore, it offers a higher resolution compared with analog video, enabling greater clarity and the ability to perform a digital zoom with IP cameras utilizing mega-pixels.
Enabling all-in-one iSCSI storage networking for full availability and seamless management of stored information across standard Ethernet networks, iSCSI V-Switches deliver a complete storage continuity solution that is easy to deploy with excellent price/performance.
Tarantella (www.tarantella.com) offers products that take the ICA and push it over the Internet Protocol, enabling users to pass keyboard strokes and mouse movements over the Web.
* Extensible Markup Language (XML)--XML and its associated technologies--XML Namespaces, XML Query languages, and XML Databases--are enabling implementers to develop metadata application profiles (XML Schemas) that combine metadata terms from different namespaces to satisfy the needs of a particular community or application.
While Okabe says that IPv6 is "necessary" for future development, solving address space, adding a plug-and-play function and enabling end-to-end communication, he sees difficulties in the short term because so many companies have investments in legacy systems with specialized protocols.
The era of institutional welfare based on notions of social rights and entitlements and is over and has been replaced by what he calls an enabling state which seeks to integrate the poor and needy into the market economy and to provide social services through market mechanisms.
NYC offers real-time updates on inventory, enabling companies to alter prices as supply and demand changes.
In essence, scorecards include the "vital three" elements -- people, process and enabling technology -- in addressing future growth, enterprise transformation and enterprise resource planning (ERP)-enabling initiatives.
This approach and philosophy has reduced overall investment costs, ensured open architecture, alleviated duplication of effort, and utilized the strengths of systems already developed for specialized purposes by incorporating them into a family of systems, thereby enabling the U.S.