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1. A rigid structure or pipe which surrounds a buried pipe, providing it with added support or protection.
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Validated by numerous courts worldwide, EnCase is also frequently honored with awards and recognition from eWEEK, SC Magazine and Network Computing, as well as the Socha-Gelbmann survey.
As the leading computer investigative technology, EnCase continues its evolution to meet the growing security needs of corporations, government and law enforcement agencies.
EnCase Enterprise Edition is for computer investigators and information security professionals who need to investigate computer breaches and other incidents throughout the enterprise.
EnCase Forensic Edition is recognized as the standard computer forensic software used by more than 10,000 investigators and 40 of the Fortune 50.
The continued recognition of EnCase Enterprise Edition highlights the compelling need for effective enterprise investigations, including the immediate response to a wide-range of security breaches and incidents perpetrated by both network intruders and rogue insiders," Shields continued.
EnCase Enterprise - the market leading remote forensic solution enables internal investigation and incident response teams with the capability to conduct discreet, cost-effective investigations over the network with no disruption to employees.
The training curriculum will focus on the use of EnCase security, e-discovery and forensics products.
As a company we strive to continually honor the needs of our customer community and build on the success of the EnCase product line in a way that solves the most significant, real-world cybersecurity and digital-investigations challenges," said Victor Limongelli, president and chief executive officer of Guidance Software.
Stark used two layers of plastic to encase a 5-by-18 garden in a greenhouse built adjacent to a block wall on his home's southern side, where it can be warmed by winter sunshine.
NASDAQ: GUID) has announced the first integration of EnCase eDiscovery with Box, an enterprise cloud content management platform.
The combined solution uses the FireEye platform to detect malware on the network, and then immediately shares threat intelligence discovered by the FireEye platform with EnCase Cybersecurity.
EnCase solutions provide an enterprise investigative infrastructure that enables commercial and government agencies to conduct digital investigations, respond to electronic discovery requests and other large-scale data collection needs.