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isolating a certain enemy grouping from the remainder of enemy troops in order to subsequently destroy or capture the grouping.

Encirclement is most often achieved when the enemy defense is broken through in two or more sectors of the front and the attack develops along converging axes. As a result, a solid internal front and an active external front are created, cutting the surrounded grouping off from the remainder of its forces. Encirclement may be carried out during pursuit of a retreating enemy, when defending troops conduct counterattacks and counter-strikes along converging axes, and when troops are operating along a coastal axis and the enemy is pressed against the sea and cut off from other forces. A superiority over the enemy in forces and weapons is ordinarily established during actions with the objective of encirclement. Sometimes, under favorable conditions, encirclement is possible with equal forces. The surrounded enemy grouping is blockaded from the air and, on coastal axes, from the sea.

During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45, Soviet forces successfully encircled and routed major enemy groupings in the battle of Stalingrad of 1942–43, the Korsun’-Shevchenkovskii operation of 1944, the Iasi-Kishinev operation of 1944, the Byelorussian operation of 1944, the Budapest operation of 1944–45, the East Prussian operation of 1945, and the Berlin operation of 1945.


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DUBLIN, Ireland -- The Goal of the Ongoing Mediterranean Ring Project is to Provide Interconnection of Electric Power Transmission Grids among the Countries and Regions That Encircle the Mediterranean Sea
Clarke speculates that the K impact disturbed ions and electrons normally confined to radiation belts that encircle Jupiter.
The corridor, already supported by a state master plan and local communities, would encircle the San Fernando and Crescenta valleys.
Then, astronomers discovered tantalizing evidence that dusty rings may encircle a number of nearby stars, but IRAS proved inadequate for mapping them in detail.
Upon activation, a PLB, for example, sends a signal to the polar-orbiting COSPAS-SARSAT and geostationary environmental GEOSAR satellite systems that encircle the globe.
But plans for a golf course and housing project that would virtually encircle the hatchery has touched off a firestorm of debate between supporters and critics of growth, who disagree about the effects any development would have on the operation.
The Arcemus Encircle portal is an Internet domain name records management system that delivers on the promise of secure and cost-effective 24x7 management of all generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) and country-code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registration records.
Grinstaff have learned how these sound blasts make albumin, a common body protein, encircle air to form tough microbubbles.
Mid- and high-rise towers will encircle a terraced central plaza that will host concerts, cultural and community events.
What airport officials propose to do is add an exit on the 405, connect the Metro Green Line along the Century Freeway to the airport, encircle LAX with a road and double-deck Century Boulevard - accounting for about one-third of the $8 billion to $12 billion expansion cost.
The Caltech team also estimated the apparent absorption of visible light by the dust believed to encircle Cygnus A's core.