enclosed stair

box stair, closed stair

An interior staircase constructed with a close string on both sides, often enclosed by walls or partitions with door openings at various floor levels.
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In this research enclosed stair towers of moderate height and with frequent daily-use were of primary interest.
"To achieve this, we inserted a transparent enclosed stair tower traversed by a circulation bridge that brings daylight to the sub-grade levels and creates a beacon within the plaza.
The curved form breaks the building's predominantly orthogonal organization; and, as in Mies' villa, entrance to the voluminous double-height living room is made all the more striking by passage from the enclosed stair.
A new enclosed stair rises from the house to pool level, which because of the slope of site is some 2m above living rooms of the house -- in fact at first floor level of the old stables.
There is a large ground floor kitchen with sink units and storage, a passage off and further long room, former ladies and gents toilets, porch to the gardens and an enclosed stair to the first floor.
Refused: * Eurolink Ltd, internal and external alterations to five apartments and stores area to form nine apartments and new glass enclosed stairs and lift (listed building), 5 Bridge Street, Lockwood.
Neal said students can take another set of enclosed stairs or the elevator during icy weather.
There are two living rooms, each with fireplaces of different vintages, one with the enclosed stairs rising up.
We'll show you how to make a new set of safer and stronger enclosed stairs and build handsome handrails from cedar and prefinished aluminum spindles.
From the rear, a door leads to enclosed stairs which lead to the first floor owners' accommodation.