enclosure of land

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enclosure of land:

see inclosureinclosure
or enclosure,
in British history, the process of inclosing (with fences, ditches, hedges, or other barriers) land formerly subject to common rights. Such land included fields cultivated by the open-field or strip system, wasteland, and the common pasture land.
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The chapel is believed to date back to St Trillo - a 6th century saint who established his "Llan", an enclosure of land, in the area of Rhos-on-Sea, above.
Dr Parry said many names pre-date the enclosure of land into fields, giving insights into the general use of land from early medieval periods.
The enclosure of land by chess- board walling still seen today, the start of local schooling, changes in local industry, particularly huge milestones such as the emergence of the Luddites, are all detailed.