encounter theory

encounter theory,

in astronomy, see solar systemsolar system,
the sun and the surrounding planets, natural satellites, dwarf planets, asteroids, meteoroids, and comets that are bound by its gravity. The sun is by far the most massive part of the solar system, containing almost 99.9% of the system's total mass.
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All variations of the [alternate] encounter theory assume that matter was torn out of the sun by a passing star.
then at Yale University, was explaining his own refutation of the encounter theory.
The forensic report in Ishrat Jahan encounter case strengthens the Central Bureau of Investigation's (CBI's) case against the accused police officers of Gujarat as it points out glaring discrepancies in the encounter theory.
On Monday, metropolitan magistrate Tamang's reports raised doubts on the veracity of the encounter theory.
Giving a clean chit to federal Minister for Minority Affairs, Abdul Rahman Antulay, over raising some questions on the encounter theory, Vinita said "I don't blame Antulay for asking such questions because an impression was being created that the trio acted impulsively.