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The buildup of slag or other material inside furnaces and kilns.



the phenomenon in which individual crystals or rock debris that were formed earlier are overgrown by a mineral aggregate. In encrustation the newly formed mineral is deposited in the form of granular crystalline drusoid crusts that cover fragments of brecciated ore or rock, sometimes in several layers, completely filling the cracks between the fragments. As a result, the ore (rock) assumes an encrustation texture.

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Severe encrustation was observed on intrarenal (n=7), intravesical (n=4), or intraureteral (n=1) segments of the stents (Table 3).
A 35-cm ureteral sheath is usually used for women or mid-ureteral encrustation and a 45-cm for men or proximal encrustations.
Stent encrustation and stone formation was seen more in the patients where stent indwelling period was more than three months as was also observed by other authors.
6 In our study, stents remained in place for maximum of two months despite those with encrustation who had been lost to follow up.
This review concludes that most research in the previous decade has focused on understanding how catheter encrustations develop and how such encrustations may contribute to leaking/blockage of the catheter and urinary tract infection.
As noted earlier, blue/purple cryptocrystalline encrustations also believed to be vivianite have been found on the creek cut bank clays and on gravel of the point bar.
investigated the potential use of NVC-422 as an irrigation solution to resolve catheter biofilm blockage and encrustation caused by P.
When stents are used for long-term drainage, they typically require removal and/or replacement every three to six months because of encrustation and subsequent blockage of the stent.
Let's cut away the encrustation of former glories, those heady remembrances of things past, those lip services paid to history's icons.
1) The foreign body, which acts as the nucleus for encrustation, can be either endogenous or exogenous.
This tip dip uses dry film technology to produce a nonstick coating, which protects jigs and tools against spatter encrustation and build-up.
131 The quest, however, for precious materials can be a snare leading to deformation of ornament by gratuitous enrichment eg, encrustation of gems and so on.