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The buildup of slag or other material inside furnaces and kilns.



the phenomenon in which individual crystals or rock debris that were formed earlier are overgrown by a mineral aggregate. In encrustation the newly formed mineral is deposited in the form of granular crystalline drusoid crusts that cover fragments of brecciated ore or rock, sometimes in several layers, completely filling the cracks between the fragments. As a result, the ore (rock) assumes an encrustation texture.

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Stent encrustation and associated stone burden were evaluated using non-contrast enhanced stone protocol computerised tomography (CT).
Other factors implicated in the increased incidence of encrustations are chronic recurrent stone formations, metabolic predisposition to stone disease, congenital renal anomalies, malignant urinary obstruction and pregnancy.
5) New biomaterials and ureteral stent coatings, such as heparin and diamond-like carbon compounds, may reduce infection and encrustation rates.
Nawaz H et al2 reported stent encrustation and stent migration in 10.
Catheter Leakage Associated with Luminal Occlusion Authors Cause(s) for Catheter Interventions Suggested Leakage Getliffe, 2003 Encrustation of the Catheter change, catheter lumen or eyes.
As noted earlier, blue/purple cryptocrystalline encrustations also believed to be vivianite have been found on the creek cut bank clays and on gravel of the point bar.
5 to 2 meters into the country rock, and in these openings we found another type of crystallization: isolated, diverging apophyllite crystals on pink matrix, with no encrustations at all.
Her disdain for tradition carries over even to textual tradition, that is, the corpus of extant manuscripts, left to us by chance, that modern philology used to scrape away later encrustations from literary artifacts.
The encrustations of history, the frequent overlap of religion and politics, the blood of martyrs and unfulfilled expectations of humanity are piled too high and deep for human tolerance.
In We Were Soldiers, America may find a worthy starting point to begin unraveling the multi-layered encrustations of myths, lies, and deceit that have so confused and misled Americans about this conflict for four decades.
This focus underlies her passion for justice: to make amends for centuries of Christianity's anti-Judaism and, in stripping away encrustations of supersessionist language, liturgy and ritual, to renew Christianity, with its original impulse.
High marginal income tax rates apply, indirect taxes have increased, and, as noted above, the system has become incomprehensible to all but a negligible number of experts, with encrustations upon encrustations of complexity.