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The reversible transformation of data from the original (plaintext) to a difficult-to-interpret format (ciphertext) as a mechanism for protecting its confidentiality, integrity and sometimes its authenticity. Encryption uses an encryption algorithm and one or more encryption keys. See encryption algorithm and cryptography.
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Encrypted cloud storage platform Mustbin reported on Tuesday the receipt of a seminal security and privacy patent in the US for secure cloud storage and communications and encrypt information for digital security and privacy.
* The public facing Encrypt Zone server encrypts each customer record individually by using a different key for each customer record.
Once the files have been encrypted, the Trojan attempts to also encrypt the contents of the root, skipping only critical system files, so the operating system will be able to boot up again.
Google currently encrypts files when a user transmits them, (http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/drive/6AdrOutSoFU/sgixqxX3yfQJ) but stores the files unencrypted .
Gpcode.ak encrypts files on the victim machine it adds ._CRYPT to the extension of the encrypted files and places a text file named !_READ_ME_!.txt in the same folder.
Paranoia2 compresses and then encrypts the data using dual DES3 technology, without any noticeable reduction in speed.
If you need to keep computer files private, the best thing you can do is encrypt them.
Its flagship Secure.Data(TM) is a one-of-a-kind software solution that selectively encrypts and secures relational-database information at the data-item level.
Steganos (www.steganos.com) offers a line of products that encrypts information and removes Internet traces.
If a cryptanalyst knows that a company encrypts all messages to and from a particular file server, the analyst can send a chosen plaintext to someone in the company and later capture the encrypted message.

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