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(data, architecture)
Suffix used in the terms big-endian and little-endian that describe the ordering of bytes in a multi-byte number.

The term comes from Swift's "Gulliver's Travels" via the famous paper "On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace" by Danny Cohen, USC/ISI IEN 137, 1980-04-01.

The Lilliputians, being very small, had correspondingly small political problems. The Big-Endian and Little-Endian parties debated over whether soft-boiled eggs should be opened at the big end or the little end.

See also middle-endian, holy wars, NUXI problem, swab.
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0, which includes support for Linux distributions optimized for IBM POWER8 using little endian (LE) processors.
Firewall leading company profiles mentioned in this research report are Check Point, WatchGuard, Fortinet, Mcafee, Barracuda, Dell SonicWALL, CISCO, Cyberoam, SOPHOS, Endian, Zyxel, Lanner, Paloalto Networks, TOPSEC, H3C, NSFOCUS, HUAWEI, SANGFO, Netgear, Ruijie, Leadsec, Venus Tech and Hillstone.
In the Big Endian corner, the froth on top of a glass of beer is very important, almost as important as the quality of the liquid itself.
The CoSort Company, Melbourne, Fla, has solved a problem inherent with migrating data across different endian architectures (e.
The company's Bluetooth baseband (BOOST Core) and software (BOOST Software) can be used with any 16-bit or 32-bit processor, using little endian or big endian convention.
The N4000, codenamed Prelude uses 360MHz or 440MHz PA-8500 RISCs, but its key technology is a chipset enabling users to upgrade to IA-64 processors - big-endian or little endian to run HP-UX or Windows NT respectively - by swapping out CPU board and bus converter.
Ada source code is thus portable across big endian and little endian architectures, even when manipulating low-level data structure representations.
To overcome this, IRI will deliver endian designation and migration functionality in its software to process data from, or convert data to, either architecture.
IBM Corp claims that it has solved the endian issue with the 64- bit Monterey uber-Unix operating system it is developing with Santa Cruz Operations and others.
An upcoming NextForm version will reformat variable blocked (VB) and spanned (VBS) files, and change between big and little endian data - both at the file and field level.
LSI) announced that its Axxia multicore family of network communication processors and accelerators now include big endian BE8 mode support for the latest version of Wind River Linux.
Endian and Commtouch[R] (NASDAQ:CTCH) today announced an agreement to integrate Commtouch Anti-Spam and Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection into Endian's unified threat management (UTM) appliances.