endless screw

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endless screw,

screw fixed so that it cannot move longitudinally as it rotates. Thus, instead of the usual action in which a screw advances itself through a medium as it turns, the screw remains stationary and forces the medium or a mechanical part to advance. When a screw of this type is arranged to drive a cogwheel whose teeth mesh with its thread, the screw is called a worm geargear,
toothed wheel, cylinder, or cone that transmits motion from one part of a machine to another; it is one of the oldest means of transmitting motion. When the teeth of two gears are meshed, turning one gear will cause the other to rotate.
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. See Archimedes' screwArchimedes' screw,
a simple mechanical device believed to have been invented by Archimedes in the 3d cent. B.C. It consists of a cylinder inside of which a continuous screw, extending the length of the cylinder, forms a spiral chamber.
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