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The aim of this study was to evaluate different mating strategies among endogamic strains to create F1 hybrid populations of mice, minimising the effect of the inbreeding depression in somatic development and embryo production.
Young females from the endogamic strains Swiss, CBA and C57B1/6, 50 days old, were divided in inter- and intra-lineages mating, in a total of nine experimental arrangements (paternal x maternal): Group 1, Swiss x Swiss; Group 2, Swiss x C57B1/6; Group 3, Swiss x CBA; Group 4, C57Bl/6 x C57B1/6; Group 5, C57B1/6 x Swiss; Group 6, C57Bl/6 x CBA; Group 7, CBA x CBA; Group 8, CBA x Swiss; e Group 9, CBA x C57B1/6.
The offspring from the endogamic Swiss strain was larger and heavier (P < 0.05) than those born from C57B1/6 and CBA, which did not differ from each other (P < 0.05).
The aim of this work was to evaluate different mate strategies among endogamic strains for the production of F1 mice populations.
But this shift was only relative, as Molho emphasizes continuity rather than change: the ruling class (and the elite within it) had had substantially the same personnel and the same endogamic marital policies already in 1400.
The fourth set of experiments involved the endogamic and prima control populations (see Materials and Methods).
Table 2 summarizes the results of the mating tests involving the control populations (ancestral, endogamic, and prima; see Materials and Methods).
If this were correct, ethological isolation would be also expected between inbred populations, such as the "prima" (F > 0.9; Table 1) and "endogamic" (F > 0.5) populations in our experiment, or the ones in Powell (1978) and Powell and Morton (1979), which is not the case.
Habitat fragmentation may also divide one large population into subpopulations located in small areas, making them more vulnerable to endogamic depression, genetic changes, and increasing their chance of extinction.
Many studies indicate that Costa Rica's populations, specially those of the central region, are highly endogamic (Melendez 1982, Stone 1982, Saborio 1993, Escamilla et al.