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(invertebrate zoology)
Periodic division and reorganization of the nucleus in certain ciliated protozoans.
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periodic nuclear reorganization in certain infusorians. The phenomenon was discovered in 1914 in Paramecium aurelia by the American scientists L. Woodruff and R. Erdmann, who described destruction of the macronucleus and two-stage division of the micronucleus during endomixis. Some of the products of division are converted without merging (fertilization) into macronuclei, and some into micronuclei. The rest are destroyed. It was subsequently shown that restructuring of the nucleus does not exist in this form in infusorians; merging of the nuclei precedes differentiation of the macronuclei and micronuclei (as in autogamy). Consequently, endomixis is a type of sexual process.

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