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A parasite that lives inside its host.



a parasitic organism that inhabits the internal organs of its animal or plant host. Endoparasites include intracellular parasites, which inhabit specific cells in their host. They belong to the group of endotrophic organisms. Many have complex life cycles, which include changes of hosts. Endoparasites are found among fungi, bacteria, and most animal phyla and classes (except Echinodermata, Brachiopoda, and Chordata).

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ABSTRACT Species of Hematodinium are endoparasitic dinoflagellates of crustaceans.
After the host has been infected, larval and pupal development of male parasitoids in the two orders follow a similar pattern of endoparasitic developmental stages, pupation and the emergence of a free-living adult.
All are endoparasitic and consume hemolymph and fat of the host, and carry a polydnavirus to interrupt host cellular immunoreaction.
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