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1. the introduction of liquid into the rectum to evacuate the bowels, medicate, or nourish
2. the liquid so introduced
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the injection of fluids into the rectum through the anus in order to clear the intestine of retained stool or to administer medicinal liquids or diagnostic agents.

Enemas are classified as purgative, laxative, medicinal, and diagnostic. Purgative, or evacuative, enemas involve the injection of 1–1.5 liters of water or soap solution at 25–30°C in order to stimulate peristalsis by irritating the intestinal mucosa and to soften a hard stool. A variation of the purgative enema is the siphon enema, in which a half-liter or liter of water is injected repeatedly and rhythmically by the siphon principle. The siphon enema is used with intestinal pareses to promote the restoration of peristalsis. Laxative enemas involve the injection of 50–200 ml of vegetable oil or 50–100 ml of a hypertonic solution of table salt, magnesium sulfate, and sodium sulfate; it is used when strain is undesirable in evacuating the bowels. Medicinal enemas involve the introduction of medicinal substances to act directly on the intestinal mucosa or to be absorbed through the intestinal walls (for example, in cases of intractable vomiting). Proctoclysis, or the rectal drip method, is used when the introduction of large quantities of fluid into the body is necessary (fluid injected by drops being better absorbed). The injection of glucose solution or physiological saline by enema is extremely uncommon. Diagnostic enemas involve the introduction of contrastive substances for subsequent X-ray examination.

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A rectal injection of liquid for therapeutic, diagnostic, or nutritive purposes.
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Coffee enema has been found to have a number of health benefits.
It is also encouraging to note that the patients who participated in the trial demonstrated strong compliance with alicaforsen enema.'
The baby's mother said as soon as the nurse began the process of giving her son an enema, he started crying in pain.
Besides being a safe and effective therapeutic measure, Chu says that colon hydrotherapy with water cleanses and dilutes the toxic load in the colon whilst preparing the colon for easier absorption of the coffee enema in the second stage.
Enemas involve the irrigation of liquid through the anus and into the colon to increase fecal water content and to stimulate colonic contraction (peristalsis) to promote fecal evacuation.
Keywords: Bowel preparation, colonoscopy, constipation, sennoside A&B, sodium phosphate enema
The drug could be given either as an enema or perhaps in pill form conjugated to itself or to an inactive molecule by an azo bond for specific release only in the presence of the azo bond-digesting bacteria in the colon in the same manner as the sulfasalazine-containing drugs used to treat ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease [24].
Patients with a classic presentation of intussusception should proceed directly to hydrostatic (contrast or saline) or pneumatic enema. When the diagnosis is unclear, abdominal radiography or ultrasound can be utilized to better define abdominal pathology.
In addition, the GRADE approach [22] was also taken to grade the quality of evidence and make recommendation regarding the use of Kangfuxinye enema in the UC.
The pathognomonic finding of Hirschsprung disease on contrast enema is a transition zone between the normal and aganglionic bowel, although approximately 10% of neonates with Hirschsprung disease may not have a demonstrable radiologic transition zone.
Normal saline instilled in the large bowel was allowed to drain back into the enema can.
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