energy conversion

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energy conversion

[′en·ər·jē kən′vər·zhən]
The process of changing energy from one form to another.

Energy conversion

The process of changing energy from one form to another. There are many conversion processes that appear as routine phenomena in nature, such as the evaporation of water by solar energy or the storage of solar energy in fossil fuels. In the world of technology the term is more generally applied to operations of human origin in which the energy is made more usable; for instance, the burning of coal in power plants to convert chemical energy into electricity, the burning of gasoline in automobile engines to convert chemical energy into propulsive energy of a moving vehicle, or the burning of a propellant for ion rockets and plasma jets to provide thrust.

There are well-established principles in science which define the conditions and limits under which energy conversions can be effected, for example, the law of the conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics, the Bernoulli principle, and the Gibbs free-energy relation. Recognizable forms of energy which allow varying degrees of conversion include chemical, atomic, electrical, mechanical, light, potential, pressure, kinetic, and heat energy. In some conversion operations the transformation of energy from one form to another, more desirable form may approach 100% efficiency, whereas with others even a “perfect” device or system may have a theoretical limiting efficiency far below 100%. See Energy sources

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Mansi added they will spend e1/413min total for energy conversion.
Instead of sea-water, discharged thermal energy conversion pioneered by Xenesys uses the wasted heat and warm effluent waste-water to evaporate ammonia, the vapours of which can power turbines to generate electricity at little cost and without pollution.
Silicon based solar cells achieve energy conversion efficiencies of 20 per cent.
Energy Conversion Devices (ECD) (Nasdaq:ENER) is a leader in building-integrated and rooftop photovoltaics.
The new Marine Energy Centers will both be active in the promotion of wave power conversion; Hawaii also will lead efforts to advance ocean thermal energy conversion, while the Northwest will be involved in tidal energy development.
This is expected to extend energy conversion efficiencies to over 15 percent, widening the range of viable applications for the technology.
Contact: Energy Conversion Devices Inc, website www.
Ovshinsky of the company Energy Conversion Devices in Rochester Hills, Mich.
The agreement allows Sanyo to manufacture the batteries for two- and three-wheeled vehicles in Japan and China for worldwide sale, and for four or more wheel vehicles made in Japan for domestic sales and export, Energy Conversion Devices said.
Produces a more complex energy conversion, with a by-product of lactic acid.
com/research/kfchr3/materials_for) has announced the addition of the "Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage" report to their offering.
Contract notice: Mastery of work assignments for thermal operations and improving energy conversion occupied site, the group "the moras" and "starlings", located in the municipality of villefontaine.

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